I, Jonathan Mothner, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • I will use my role as a leader in Synchrony to advocate and advance DE&I initiatives, prioritize the diversity of employee talent within our legal organization and strengthen a culture of inclusion and well-being for all members of our legal organization.
  • I will work within Synchrony to encourage DE&I engagement among the members of our legal organization and encourage diverse members of our legal team to identify opportunities within Synchrony (whether within or outside the legal organization) to pursue enriching professional experiences, personal development and career advancement.
  • I will consider a firm’s commitment to DE&I initiatives as a factor in determining their eligibility to be included in Synchrony’s panel of preferred outside counsel and will periodically communicate Synchrony’s expectation that any preferred firms staff diverse attorneys on our matters and submit diversity data to us for our annual review (currently using the American Bar Association’s Model Diversity Survey).
  • I commit to hosting an annual summer legal internship program for one or more diverse law students who have completed their first year of law school to develop and promote diverse talent in the legal profession. The internship program is run by the Synchrony Legal Diversity Council and designed to provide participants access to a wide array of legal assignments and experiences at Synchrony as well as ongoing engagement with the Council and its various diversity and inclusion-focused activities. I also commit to provide interns in the program the chance to participate in the LCLD’s 1L Scholar Program.

Organizational Commitment

  • I will support Synchrony’s commitment to address deeply rooted gender and racial inequality and disparities within the communities we support.
  • I will engage with our leadership team to continue our partnerships and actions with community leaders to advance policies for advancing racial equity and justice, including through our Education as an Equalizer program to expand access to higher education and skills training in high-growth fields and financial literacy for underserved communities and our own workforce.
  • I will continue to support Synchrony’s goal to increase representation of Black and Hispanic employees at all levels in the organization and increase the number of female employees in executive-level roles.
  • I will actively participate in pursuing Synchrony’s corporate goal to hire, develop and advance underrepresented groups within our company and encourage our strategic investments in diverse companies and institutions where our missions align.
  • I will encourage our law firm/supplier diversity by expanding internal initiatives and external outreach, increasing awareness of our diversity objectives and continuous refinement of our goals.

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