I, Jonathan Chiel, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment 

  • I will continue to use my position to build a more diverse workforce and inclusive culture within the Fidelity Legal Department.
  • I will continue to hold my leadership team accountable to further the Legal Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) agenda, which includes recruiting, retaining, and developing underrepresented legal talent, as well as continuing to strengthen our culture of inclusion and ensuring that every associate feels respected and valued.
  • I will use my influence as a leader in the organizations I belong to across the legal community to advocate for changes that support diversity and inclusion.
  • I will continue to engage with organizations that focus on advancing diversity and inclusion in the legal profession and actively support their efforts.
  • I will meet with associates, interns, LCLD Fellows and Pathfinders from underrepresented communities on a regular basis to actively listen to their feedback, take time to understand their perspectives and delve into barriers to inclusion.
  • I will continue to bring speakers to our D&I Speakers Series to help educate my organization about the life and professional experiences of lawyers of color.
  • I will continue to champion the Fidelity Legal D&I Advisory Board to monitor the execution of departmental D&I action plans, evaluate progress against those plans and initiatives, and lead visibly and transparently on department-wide D&I focus areas and activities.
  • I will implement inclusive hiring practices and commit to the participation of a diverse slate of interviewers and candidates throughout the recruiting process for Legal talent.
  • I will hold all people managers accountable for the development, training, and facilitation of career advancement opportunities for underrepresented talent.
  • I will work with my team to collect and evaluate the diversity metrics of our outside legal service providers and implement programs to ensure we are intentional in our engagement of providers and confirm they too are promoting a diverse workforce and inclusive culture.

Organizational Commitment 

As a financial services firm dedicated to helping people live better lives by making financial expertise broadly accessible and effective, Fidelity is committed to continually strengthening diversity and inclusion in our workplace and our communities. We believe that building and sustaining a diverse and inclusive culture is both the right thing to do and a business imperative.

We have committed to five focus areas that we believe will engender further positive change for our organization:

  • Increasing the diversity within our company, at all levels.
  • Ensuring inclusion across our workforce, by removing the barriers that can deter or delay it.
  • Creating new opportunities and value for our customers and the communities where we live, work, and serve, by participating in efforts addressing systemic issues that drive inequalities.
  • Being open about our diversity and inclusion progress, including what is working and what is not with respect to increasing our diversity.
  • Being clear about roles and accountability for all associates and working together to achieve our desired outcomes and to maintain our safe and inclusive workplace.

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