I, Jon Van Gorp, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

As chair of Mayer Brown, I commit to promoting a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion at all levels of our firm by undertaking the following. I will:

  • Use internal opportunities, including partner and firm-wide meetings, to communicate Mayer Brown’s commitment to DE&I and provide updates on our efforts.
  • Take the opportunity during my meetings with clients to discuss ways of collaborating on DE&I initiatives, particularly those that support the improvement of DE&I within our profession.
  • Dedicate personal time to support the recruitment and mentoring of women and diverse lateral partners.
  • Use my position at Mayer Brown, within the profession and within the community to advocate for and foster DE&I, including serving in governance roles at NGOs that support the advancement of women and diverse members of the communities in which I live and work.
    • Act as a champion and role model for inclusive leadership.
    • Move beyond the concept of allyship and strive to create an atmosphere within the firm and beyond where we all equally value and invest in a diverse and inclusive environment.

Organizational Commitment

Mayer Brown commits to promoting a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion at all levels by undertaking the following. Our firm will:

  • Continue to set challenging but attainable goals for improving diversity at the firm. 
  • Continue to participate in the Mansfield Rule initiative in the US and UK as it relates to business development, promotion, hiring and firm leadership positions.
  • Ensure that all DE&I initiatives and resources are readily accessible to all personnel. Encourage our lawyers to publicize our DE&I initiatives when meeting with clients and seek ways to collaborate with clients on DE&I.
    • Ensure that DE&I is an integral part of our recruiting efforts and continue our focus on hiring the top diverse talent throughout the firm.
  • Continue our commitment through Mayer Brown’s Project Equity to provide 50,000 hours of pro bono legal services over three years to projects designed to effect systemic change in communities of color.
  • Encourage our lawyers and professional staff to participate in our DE&I programming.
  • Seek opportunities to partner with clients, vendors and outside organizations on initiatives that promote our DE&I values.

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