I, Jon Kreucher, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • Proactively develop a culture where all employees feel included and empowered as individuals;
  • Continue to increase personal sensitivity to issues surrounding Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, including with respect to implicit bias;
  • Actively consider diverse candidates for leadership roles within the firm, including Howard & Howard’s leadership committee and practice group chair and co-chair positions;
  • Encourage diverse slates for each recruited position and regularly reinforce the importance of diverse talent within our firm;
  • Regularly attend Howard & Howard’s DE&I meetings;
  • Annually meet with each of Howard & Howard’s affinity groups to hear concerns and provide for accountability;
  • Meet semi-annually with Howard & Howard’s LCLD Fellow to discuss experiences and recommendations for advancing DE&I within our firm;
  • Reinvent our mentorship programs to drive proactive engagement with all associates, and to ensure that diverse associates have career support fostering their success;
  • Create clear expectations related to necessary qualifications for leadership positions;
  • Ensure availability and utilization of DE&I training resources by all Howard & Howard attorneys.

Organizational Commitment

  • Identify practice area opportunities and coordinate with Howard & Howard’s DE&I committee in the recruitment of diverse candidates to fill such practice areas;
  • Involve Howard & Howard’s DE&I committee in a review of the firm’s interview process and evaluation forms and review criteria in an effort to eliminate conscious and implicit bias;
  • Coordinate Howard & Howard’s Community Reinvestment Fund and DE&I initiatives so Howard & Howard demonstrates its commitment to DE&I both through our internal actions and through our financial resources.
  • Engage in our local communities to facilitate exposure to the legal profession from a young age and continue the firm’s support of the Damon J. Keith Scholarship at Wayne State University.
  • Promote diverse attorneys within the firm and ensure equitable division of work assignments and business development.

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