I, John Martin, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment 

  • I will continue to ensure that the firm works to achieve a greater representation of women, attorneys of color, and LGBTQ and disabled lawyers in leadership roles, formal pitches, lateral recruitment, and equity partner promotions.
  • I will remain an active participant on the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity to further promote a fully diverse legal profession. 
  • I will regularly meet with our Diversity & Inclusion Committee to discuss our progress on D&I across the board, and I will commit myself to the success of our D&I initiatives.
  • I will ensure that we as a firm are more purposeful in our D&I efforts by individually encouraging partners to take ownership and responsibility for promoting diverse teams of lawyers in client/matter workstreams and client relationships. 
  • I will solicit ongoing feedback on our D&I efforts.
  • I will use relevant data to measure the effectiveness of our D&I efforts. 
  • As part of the Inclusion Blueprint’s “Do Something Hard” initiative, a collaborative project between Diversity Lab and Chiefs in Intellectual Property (ChIPs) that provides a tool to measure the inclusion activities at law firms, I will ensure that firm leadership seeks input on the contributions of lawyers making meaningful contributions to promoting diversity and inclusion at the firm and in the profession.
  • I will regularly communicate our D&I progress to the firm to increase internal engagement and raise external awareness, and work to align D&I even further with the strategic vision of the firm.

Organizational Commitment 

  • We will consider our partners’ meaningful contributions to the firm’s D&I efforts as part of the partner evaluation process.
  • We will provide training on diversity and inclusion to all firm personnel and promote advanced learning through our diverse thought leader speaker series. 
  • As part of our social justice efforts with the Law Firm Antiracism Alliance, we will continue our work with the Promise of Justice Initiative to address the needs of those convicted by non-unanimous juries in Louisiana, which have had a disparate impact on Black defendants.
  • We will continue our three-year commitment to support Official Black Wall Street by providing free legal services to various of their over 5,600 Black-owned business members.
  • We will maintain and enhance our Mansfield certification plus status by further broadening the pool of women lawyers, LGBTQ lawyers, lawyers with disabilities, and/or racial/ethnic minority lawyers who are considered for entry-level and lateral attorney job openings, leadership opportunities, equity partner promotions and opportunities to connect with clients.
  • We will enhance the recruiting process across the firm by increasing targeted outreach to diverse talent pools, expanding the role of the firm’s affinity groups in the recruiting process, and increasing funding for diversity scholarships to grow our diverse candidate pipeline.
  • We will continue to encourage all of our lawyers and staff to actively participate in our D&I initiatives and programs to further raise awareness about the lack of a truly diverse legal profession and to provide insights on how we can all do our part to fix it.


  • Successful pitches will result in the lawyers who participated in the pitch being staffed on the matter, and we will assess that staffing at regular intervals.
  • We will provide partner access to the Partner Diversity Dashboard so partners understand how often women, ethnically diverse, and LGBTQ lawyers are staffed on their matters and whether they can diversify the lawyers staffed on their matters.

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