I, Jill Marchant, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitments

  • Actively engage with LCLD and other organizations to share best practices and support and participate in initiatives that advance DE&I in the legal profession.
  • Encourage and support legal team members in external opportunities (e.g. LCLD) and internal
  • opportunities and ask them to share their experiences and learnings.
  • Require all enterprise legal team members to have an annual DE&I goal as part of their performance expectations.
  • Seek and leverage opportunities to be an advocate for meaningfully increasing seen and unseen diversity in the legal profession.
  • Continue to grow my personal knowledge, awareness, and understanding, to be a more effective advocate and ally.

Organizational Commitments

  • Support and promote Hallmark’s enterprise-wide vision: We will cultivate diversity and create a culture of inclusion for our collective brands – one that grows through sustained action, demonstrates care for every life experience, inspires new products and content, and builds a sense of belonging in which every employee is able to be their very best.
  • Support and promote Hallmark’s enterprise-wide D&I framework, which is centered around:
    • Elevated intentional learning
    • Recruitment, retention, and development
    • Products, content, and experiences
    • Advocacy and lobbying
    • Accountability
  • Continue to participate in the 1L LCLD Scholars Partnership Program, providing a first year law student with real-world experience with both a law firm and in-house legal department.
  • As a condition of being engaged to do our work, require our outside counsel to understand, value, and advance our enterprise vision and to provide data, results, and progress on their own efforts to advance DE&I within the profession.

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