I, Jered Matthysse, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitments

  • Continue to promote a culture of diversity and inclusion at all levels of Pirkey Barber.
  • Use my platform to advocate for increased diversity in the legal profession. 
  • Regularly meet and work closely with Pirkey Barber's Diversity Committee to promote equity and diversity within the firm. 
  • Take action if I ever see bias within the firm or elsewhere. 
  • Engage with Members at Pirkey Barber about the importance of diversity and equity, and emphasize the value and importance to the firm of their active support for diversity initiatives. 
  • Listen to, and learn from, the experiences of our diverse attorneys. 

Organizational Commitments

  • Continue to commit resources to talent management, recruiting, education and learning to improve inclusion and diversity. 
  • Continue to allocate work to ensure equitable work opportunities and career development for diverse attorneys. 
  • Continue to seek out and participate in programs geared to ensure access to IP employment opportunities for traditionally under-represented categories. 
  • Ensure that diverse attorneys and staff have access to professional development opportunities and networks. 
  • Identify opportunities for the firm to participate in recruiting programs oriented towards increasing diversity in the profession.
  • Identify programs that can be presented internally and in partnership with potential clients relating to increasing diversity in the legal profession and eliminating bias. 
  • Maintain and foster a respectful, team-oriented, flexible workplace culture that allows diverse attorneys and allies to thrive.

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