I, Jennifer Selendy, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment 

  • As Co-Founder of Selendy Gay Elsberg, I will continue to use my platform to promote the inclusion and advancement of diverse and underrepresented lawyers.
  • Working with the firm’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) team, and building on the already-established diversity in our C-suite and firm management ranks, I will help identify and nurture diverse lawyers and business professionals for meaningful leadership opportunities.
  • I will continue to use my position and visibility within Selendy Gay Elsberg to improve the equity of processes, including hiring, compensation, work assignments and business development opportunities, among others.
  • I will personally mentor 1-2 diverse junior associates and summer associates each year.
  • I will continue my full-throated support of organizations like LCLD that are dedicated to improving diversity in the legal profession. 

Organizational Commitment 

  • We will put forward diverse legal teams for pitches and matters.
  • We will offer our diverse attorneys the same level of access to clients and courtroom opportunities as our non-diverse lawyers.
  • We will aggressively promote and administer the Selendy Gay Elsberg Fellowship—a bespoke program focusing on attracting, retaining, and nurturing outstanding racially diverse candidates and first-generation college students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • We will continue to provide attorneys with billable hours equivalent credit for activities that support our DEI goals.
  • We will make it an expectation that all partners actively participate in diversity recruitment, including diverse laterals, and continue to expand the schools and networks that we recruit from, including historically black universities and law schools.
  • We are committed to providing individually tailored training, mentoring and post-recruitment support to help diverse talent achieve their long-term potential, including training on how to effectively “manage up” and cultivate personal leadership skills.
  • We will identify and establish long-term relationships with minority organizations for networking and pro bono opportunities, and encourage associates to join junior boards of diversity-focused organizations. We will devote meaningful pro bono hours towards matters that will benefit individuals from disadvantaged communities.
  • We will broaden the speakers and trainings focused on implicit bias, cultural competency, diversity, and inclusion.

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