I, Jennifer Newstead, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitments

  • I will be a tireless advocate for greater diversity in the legal profession. I will drive a culture within the teams I lead, and throughout Facebook, that is intentionally inclusive, celebrates diversity and encourages difference as a strength within impactful teams.
  • I will strive to create an environment that enables people from all backgrounds to thrive and succeed, and will work to increase leadership opportunities for diverse talent within Facebook Legal. This includes aiming to provide diverse slates in hiring; sponsoring quarterly Talent Drives to build our diverse recruiting pipeline; engaging in leadership Table Talks; requiring training for all interviewers and hiring managers on managing bias; and requiring structured interviews to promote equity in the hiring process.
  • I will invest in professional development for everyone, with a focus on under-represented and marginalized groups. I will encourage frequent career conversations, explicitly recognizing work well done, and will ensure access to consistent support and resources to help lawyers and non-lawyers grow.
  • I will require all US based law firms engaged on Facebook matters to meet our outside counsel diversity requirements and commit to staffing teams that support Facebook with at least 50% diverse attorneys. I will sponsor Facebook Legal’s annual Facebook Legal Diversity Champion Awards to recognize the firms that achieve the greatest success in meeting these goals.
  • I will sponsor and support training focused on surfacing, understanding and managing unconscious bias to help us build a stronger, more diverse and inclusive organization.
  • I will sponsor members of my team to participate in the LCLD Fellows and Pathfinder programs, engaging directly with active participants and alumni and identifying ways to enhance their visibility and opportunities within the department.
  • I will encourage my teams to speak at Minority Serving Institutions and to affinity groups at other law schools and encourage diverse students to apply to work at Facebook and other technology companies. I will support LCLD and other organizations and efforts that work to increase diversity in the legal profession.

Organizational Commitments

  • I will actively work to advance Facebook’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion by continuing to support and enhance our external and internal DEI efforts to drive meaningful change (see more details here)
  • I will regularly communicate our team-wide progress against our diversity and inclusion goals and metrics, and will hold managers in my team accountable for implementing actionable plans to advance goals within their teams.
  • I will work to advance Facebook’s company-wide goals of:
    • Increasing the representation of people of color in leadership positions in the US by 30% by 2025 including the representation of Black, Asian and Hispanic people.
    • “50 in 5”, which means that by 2024, at least 50% of our workforce will be underrepresented people.

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