I, Jeffrey Sharp, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • I will work consistently to ensure that the firm is a leader in diversity, equity and inclusion within the legal profession. 
  • I will strive for the firm to continue to be committed to diversity, equity and inclusion and to the recruitment, retention, and advancement of the most talented and qualified professionals.
  • I will continue to advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion at all levels of the firm, and voice that the collective strength of our differences enables us to better serve our clients, create enduring relationships, provide a platform for continued success, and improve both the vibrancy and innovation of our working environment.
  • I will meet quarterly with the Firm’s LCLD Fellow and Pathfinders regarding firm diversity initiatives and best practices.
  • I will leverage my position of leadership to advocate for equity in recruiting, professional development and compensation within the firm and in the legal profession as a whole.
  • I will mentor our firm’s legal professionals in the development of their leadership skills to make the firm a great place to work and one which is diverse, inclusive and promotes the professional development of every legal professional and staff member so that they can achieve their highest potential.
  • I will work to ensure that the qualities and experiences needed for committee, practice group and law firm leadership positions are transparent and make sure that the firm’s historically underrepresented attorneys have the experiences that are useful for taking on leadership positions within the firm.

Organizational Commitment

  • My firm will continue to prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion training for lawyers and professional staff in 2022.
  • My firm will utilize diversity based metric goals to track and monitor the progress in creating a more diverse, equitable and inclusive firm.
  • My firm will continue to provide leadership opportunities to diverse lawyers and will frequently evaluate the diversity of the firm’s practice group leaders, committees and leadership members.
  • My firm will work on developing client succession plans to identify diverse lawyers for succession planning purposes.
  • My firm will continue to ensure that diverse attorneys are considered for participation in formal pitches and/or business meetings with current and potential clients.
  • My firm will actively assess its key talent management processes such as performance management, recruiting and training with a focus on improving diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • My firm will continue to work on supporting sponsorships so as to expand its diverse talent pipeline.
  • My firm will continue to recruit at law schools with diverse student bodies.
  • My firm will continue to monitor and evaluate individuals on client matters for diversity.
  • My firm will continue to monitor, assess and evaluate its Diverse Supplier & Vendor program.
  • My firm will continue to monitor and analyze the time code established for tracking DEI activities.

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