I, Jeffrey Keitelman, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment:

  • We will help to identify and correct unfairness, break down barriers and cultivate a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • We commit to speaking out and taking action against discrimination and injustice in our workplaces and in our broader communities.
  • We commit to help push our team to implement multi-pronged initiatives to identify and rectify racial and other systemic inequities, to educate our workforce, and to ensure not just a diverse workplace, but one where different perspectives are sought, valued and heard.
  • We commit to help build a stronger team and a more vibrant workforce with fresh perspectives, a rich culture and creative thinking that will enable us to provide our clients with better service and better results.
  • We commit to have our firm reach out to our communities to defend the rights of the disadvantaged, create pipelines to success for the underserved, and build new partnerships to foster change in the legal profession and in our society.

Organizational Commitment:

  • We will continue to cultivate a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace, one in which difference is celebrated, valued and incorporated into the way we approach our colleagues, clients and legal practice.
  • DEI and Antiracist Initiatives
    • We will continue our commitment to having 50 DEI hours count toward associates’ annual billable hours requirement.
    • We will continue our requirement for partners to fulfill 10 hours of DEI activity annually.
    • We will continue to conduct annual DEI training for all members of our organization, including annual inclusive intelligence training, and develop an Upstander Action Guide.
    • We will continue to support the Law Firm Antiracism Alliance (LFAA) through our membership. LFAA is a growing group of more than 250 law firms focused on fostering advocacy to eliminate structural racism.
    • We will continue to expand our participation in Leadership Greater Washington’s Antiracist Leadership Education Program, an in-depth six-month course designed to immerse our leaders in the topic of race and antiracist leadership.
  • Recruiting Talent
    • Students – We commit to expand the pool of students we interview by:
      • Continuing to participate in the LCLD 1L Scholars program and other pipeline initiatives.
      • Expanding the list of schools from which we solicit candidates to include more schools that have large pools of students of color.
      • Supporting diverse student groups through sponsorship of programming and events.
    • Laterals – We will continue to direct search firms to identify diverse lateral candidates, advertise in a broad range of publications and organizations to expand our reach, and take other steps to attract a diverse pool of candidates.
    • We commit to sponsoring organizations that encourage the career advancement of underrepresented groups in the law.
  • Professional Development and Advancement
    • We commit to the implementation of a sponsorship program for attorneys from underrepresented groups. Sponsors will engage in and report on coaching, sponsorship and monitoring efforts.
    • We commit to working to ensure quality work assignments, access to clients, committee appointments and marketing efforts to provide development and advancement opportunities for attorneys from underrepresented groups.
    • We commit to communicating the firm’s general criteria for promotion to our associate population by hosting panels on Pathways to Success.
    • We will continue to select two LCLD Pathfinders (3-7 years of experience) to participate in the seven-month program and to select one Fellow (8-15 years of experience) to participate in the nine-month program.

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