I, Jeffrey Kaplan, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment 

  • Use my voice to support and advance DEI issues in my organization, in the legal profession, and in my community
  • Ensure that DEI is a core value in the LyondellBasell legal department
  • Support LCLD and other organizations that advance DEI goals and programs
  • Meet periodically with my department’s LCLD Fellows and Alumni to discuss their experiences within the department and recommendations for how we can improve

Organizational Commitment 

  • Ensure DEI is an ongoing legal department initiative with a rotating team and appropriate resources to support DEI goals
  • Re-evaluate the way we retain outside counsel and revise our retention process to incorporate our DEI values
  • Develop and implement objective and unbiased criteria and procedures for achieving equity and interrupting bias in recruitment, hiring, evaluation, assignment, development, advancement, and promotion
  • Support our company’s efforts to increase global women and U.S. under-represented employees in senior leadership roles by 50% in five years
  • Support our company’s efforts to achieve global gender and U.S. under-represented parity in senior leadership roles by 2032

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