I, Jeannine Lane, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitments

  • I will use my executive leadership position at Resideo to advocate for and advance DE&I across the organization and in the communities where we operate.
  • I will ensure that DE&I is a core value of the Legal Department, and is reflected in how we recruit, develop, retain, and advance talent.
  • I will mentor and sponsor diverse talent in my organization.
  • I will actively participate in conversations between our Women, LGBTQIA+, Black, Latino, Veterans, and People with Differing Abilities employee resource groups (ERGs), and our executive leadership, to discuss ideas for improving our culture of inclusion. I will continue to act as the Executive Sponsor for the Women@Resideo ERG.
  • I will actively engage and encourage our team members to participate in DE&I offerings and LCLD programs and share their experiences within our department.
  • I will continue to expand my knowledge and understanding of DE&I and apply my learnings to benefit our team members and our organization.
  •  I will review and respond to Resideo’s employee voice survey results for my department and will reinforce a culture in the Legal Department where all employees feel included, valued, heard, and empowered as individuals.

Organizational Commitments

  • Nurture a culture in the Legal Department where inclusiveness is inherent, not an initiative. A place where people are empowered to speak up, and where people feel included and valued. A place where there is a sense of pride and belonging and a shared commitment to innovation and excellence.
  • Track progress of our Legal Department with respect to our diversity and inclusion initiatives.
  • Methodically track and respond to culture, engagement, and survey scores, focus group feedback, and informal input.
  • Follow Resideo's diverse slate guidelines for specified roles, requiring that interview slates include female and/or racially/ethnically diverse candidates.
  • Ensure that all Legal Department people managers have received training on mitigating bias in hiring.
  • Continue commitment to work with LCLD Member law firms in their secondment programs for a diverse 1Ls.
  • Actively encourage employee participation and support of our Company's six ERGs.
  • Continue to consider diversity in our succession planning and promotion processes.
  • Support the development of employees, including diverse talent, in our department by: leveraging our whole person wellness programs to highlight all the ways we value and invest in our employees; encouraging employees to participate in our Company's new mentorship platform, allowing employees the opportunity to seek out a Resideo internal mentor who has expertise in the skills or goal areas they are seeking to develop; and empowering employees to own their careers through an interactive Career Navigator program that takes them on a journey of self-discovery, thoughtful planning, and action-oriented growth.
  • Conduct exit interviews of all lawyers who leave Resideo to determine what more we can do to ensure diverse lawyers thrive and are promoted within the Company.
  • Continue advocating policies, programs, and processes that promote and foster DE&I.
  • Leverage the Legal Department’s unique skills to support the Company’s DE&I equity initiatives in the local community.
  • Share our values and expectations regarding DE&I with the law firms with which we work.


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