I, Jason St. John, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment 

  • I will lead by example and demonstrate, through my words and actions, that Saul Ewing is a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace.
  • I will use my platform to advocate for increased diversity throughout our profession and in the communities in which we reside.
  • I will meet semi-annually with Saul Ewing’s LCLD Fellows, Pathfinders, and Alumni to discuss and learn from their experiences to improve the Firm’s DEI efforts.
  • I will meet semi-annually with our Resource Group leaders, including the leaders of our Minority Attorneys, WDI, LGBTQ+, and Working Parents, and offer to meet with these groups to provide an update on the Firm generally, the Firm’s DEI efforts, and to provide answers to questions.
  • I will explore DEI initiatives or partnership opportunities with at least three clients or prospective clients.
  • I will serve as a member of the Firm’s DEI Committee to listen, and to further ensure our Firm remains inclusive, fair, and provides equitable opportunities to LGBTQ+, minority, and women attorneys.
  • I will mentor and be mentored, with and by, one minority associate and one minority partner.

Organizational Commitment 

  • Saul Ewing will hire a full-time DEI Manager in the first half of 2022 to further support our DEI efforts.
  • Saul Ewing will create a new position – Director of Coaching and Well-Being, which will be a dedicated resource for all lawyers and business professionals.
  • Saul Ewing will hire a new Director of Professional Development to transform our professional development programs to, among other things, provide fair and equitable opportunities for success.
  • Saul Ewing will continue to commit the necessary resources, including investments in sponsorships, training and educational programming, to ensure that we support a diverse and inclusive workforce.
  • Saul Ewing will continue to seek Mansfield certification and increase the representation of minority lawyers in leadership by expanding the pool of women, LGBTQ+ lawyers, lawyers with disabilities, and/or racial/ethnic minority lawyers who are considered for business professional and attorney job openings, leadership opportunities, percentage partner, and opportunities to connect with clients.
  • Saul Ewing will educate its Partners to share our DEI initiatives when meeting with clients.
  • Saul Ewing will commit to DEI training for all lawyers and business professionals.
  • Saul Ewing will engage with and sponsor student groups, bar associations, or other organizations that support minority, LGBTQ+ and women lawyers or students in the legal communities we reside.
  • Saul Ewing will continue to benefit from and support LCLD by nominating at least one Pathfinder and one Fellow each year. 
  • Saul Ewing will offer training to our business development team to ensure that diversity is entwined into all areas of their work, particularly to ensure that pitch teams reflect the diversity of our Firm. 
  • Saul Ewing will examine its quantitative diversity metrics, including but not limited to, credit allocation on new clients/matters resulting from pitches and RFPs, attrition, and promotion of LGBTQ+, minority, and women attorneys as well as qualitative information resulting from exit interviews and interviews with LGBTQ+, women and our minority attorneys.
  • Saul Ewing will recognize Juneteenth as a Firm holiday, and contemporaneously promote action and education relating to racial and social justice issues.
  • Saul Ewing will ask all Partners in their year-end memos to specifically identify the ways in which their actions throughout the year supported the Firm’s DEI efforts. Such efforts may include, but are not limited to, improving the diversity of client teams, designating LGBTQ+, minority, and women attorneys to serve in significant client relationship roles, and developing succession plans to ensure LGBTQ+, women and minority attorneys succeed to client relationships.

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