I, Jason Litt, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • Personally commit to inspiring a culture of diversity and inclusion at the firm.
  • Use my influence as a managing partner to promote diverse attorneys into leadership roles at the firm and to expand the efforts of our recruiting committee.
  • Work to make sure diversity and inclusion are firm values that are reflected in our firm’s mission statement and public facing materials.
  • Commit to listening and learning from others’ experiences battling systemic impediments to achievement in the legal profession.
  • Meet twice a year with LCLD Fellows and alumni to discuss their experiences at our firm and obtain ideas on increasing our DEI efforts.
  • Continue to engage with the partnership about the value and importance to the firm of their active support of DEI, particularly with respect to their sponsorship and mentorship of attorneys of color and female attorneys at the firm.
  • Speak with LCLD member colleagues about opportunities to collaborate on initiatives (e.g., mentorship or sponsorship) that support our mutual objectives to develop, retain and advance talented attorneys from underrepresented backgrounds at our respective organizations.

Organizational Commitment

  • Commit resources to talent management, recruiting, education and learning to improve inclusion and diversity.
  • Continue our policy of allocating work to those with the most availability to ensure equitable work opportunities and career development for diverse attorneys.
  • Continue and expand our appellate fellowship program, which provides opportunities to attorneys from lower-ranked law schools to earn clerkships and gain the qualifications needed to obtain and retain a job at a top-tier law firm.
  • Continue to develop and implement client succession plans which ensure that diverse lawyers are included to succeed senior partners who have the primary client relationships.
  • Contact at least one of the firm’s top clients to have a representative of the legal department speak to our attorneys about the importance of diversity in their legal teams.
  • Identify opportunities for the firm to participate in recruiting programs oriented towards increasing diversity in the profession.
  • Identify programs that can be presented internally and in partnership with potential clients relating to increasing diversity in the legal profession and eliminating bias. 
  • Encourage our attorneys to actively participate in and support organizations that support diversity in the legal profession, including NAPABA, CAWL, WLALA and LGBTQ+ Bar Association of Los Angeles.
  • Enhance sponsorship opportunities to ensure inclusion of diverse attorneys.
  • Encourage our attorneys to mentor law students and young lawyers from diverse backgrounds.


  • I will ensure that at least one diverse lawyer is invited to be part of the firm’s succession plan for each of the firm’s clients. 
  • I will ensure that at least one diverse attorney will be invited to be included in each of the firm’s committees.
  • I will ensure that at least half of the candidates being considered for new positions are diverse or female, and that all attorneys who remain at the firm for at least six years are considered for partnership. 

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