I, James Flynn, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

Here are my pledges for the measurable period from June 1, 2022 – May 31, 2023:

  • I will commit to being uncomfortable in my DEI journey to ensure my own personal growth.
  • I will commit to creating a safe space for dialogue in order to deepen my and others’ understanding, awareness and sensitivity about differences and the need for systematic changes.
  • I will consistently and authentically show up to as many possible meetings and opportunities, internal to Bricker and externally, that address education, awareness or discussion of DEI issues.
  • I will personally invest in the success and effectiveness of our Firm’s Chief Diversity Equity & Inclusion officer.
  • I will act in a sponsor role for one diverse attorney from Bricker and one diverse attorney from outside of Bricker that will include at least 4 in-person meetings and at least 2 virtual check-ins.
  • I will make sure that Bricker LCLD alumni, both those still with the firm and those no longer with the firm, engage in at least two check-in and brainstorming meetings.
  • I will use my “Friday message” to touch on DEI content in most weeks.

Organizational Commitment

  • We will strive to achieve Mansfield Certification Rule PLUS in July, 2022 and continue with Mansfield Certification Rule participation in 2022-2023.
  • We will develop and use components of our compensation systems for our associates and for our partners that measure meaningful effort and tangible results in advancing DEI objectives for the Firm.
  • We will develop and use goals for practice group leaders and for firm administration leaders that are measurable and advance the DEI objectives of the Firm, which goals should be reported in the partner compensation system and used for incentive compensation decisions for firm administration leaders.
  • We will refine and improve the pay equity analysis processes used in associate and partner compensation systems.
  • We will strive to increase (on a net basis) the number of attorneys at Bricker from under-represented groups as compared with May 31, 2022.
  • We will provide a regular but diverse offering of education, awareness and discussion opportunities related to DEI matters for all Bricker members
  • We will work to create a space of belonging for all attorneys with a heightened level of awareness around the needs for those from an under-represented group.

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join the movement.

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