I, James Cowan, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitments

  • Build and leverage external relationships and sponsor external organizations, mentoring, and external outreach initiatives to advocate for DE&I in the legal profession, in the energy industry, and in the communities where we do business and have influence, both locally and nationally.
  • Leverage my global relationships to both: (i) make Shell USA, Inc.’s experience, insights, and best practices available to leaders in other Shell companies and (ii) bring global perspectives and opportunities to the US team.
  • Leverage relationships as a member of and counsellor to the US Country leadership team to advance and improve our US DE&I performance, including actively supporting and mentoring leaders of our US Employee Resource Groups and other emerging leaders from diverse backgrounds.
  • Sponsor and lead a mentoring circle for emerging LGBT+ leaders across the US organization, as executive sponsor of the Shell US LGBT+ Employee Resource Group.
  • Model and encourage recognition and support for employees who participate in internal and external DE&I work.
  • Support and help promote visibility and representation of diversity at all ranks and levels within Shell USA’s Legal Department.
  • Continue expanding my understanding of DE&I through formal and informal learning and reverse mentoring opportunities, seeking input from others as I reflect on my own experience, and actively and compassionately listening to the experiences of others.

Organizational Commitments

  • Disciplined and enthusiastic delivery on the DE&I plans sponsored by the CEO of Shell plc, the Legal Director of Shell plc, and the President of Shell USA, Inc., playing our part to make Shell one of the most diverse and inclusive organizations in the world.
  • As an integral part of Shell’s Powering Progress strategy, build and develop a culture that is ever more diverse, equitable, and inclusive by:
    • recruiting and retaining outstanding talent with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives;
    • actively and equitably creating opportunities for promotion, development, and leadership for our diverse talent pool, with focused attention on historically underrepresented groups;
    • creating an environment of psychological safety, where all employees are empowered and free to learn and engage, while feeling supported, respected, and valued; and
    • leading externally on DE&I, with financial support and participation, where we have influence and credibility - the communities where we work and live, the energy industry, and the legal profession.
  • Lead and co-sponsor the Shell USA Legal DE&I Council that consists of approximately thirty leaders who are dedicated to DE&I and drive initiatives to implement our vision, which includes programming, developing resources for leadership development, external outreach, continuing legal education and mentoring.
  • Track and increase the diversity of the teams doing our work in majority-owned firms.
  • Build and develop our network of diverse suppliers using recognized certifications for businesses owned by women, people of color, veterans, and LGBT+ to achieve a measurable and sustainable increase our spend with diverse suppliers.

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