I, Ira Coleman, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitments

  • Focus on ensuring that DEI is embedded in our policies, practices and communications.
  • Use my voice to advocate for DEI and racial/social justice internally and externally.
  • Write and publish a thought piece on an important topic pertaining to DEI in the legal arena.
  • Prioritize the advancement of diverse lawyers into partnership and leadership roles at the firm.
  • Work with senior leadership to ensure that DEI is a consideration in major firm decisions including partner promotions, leadership appointments, etc.
  • Meet annually with our LCLD Fellows and Pathfinders to enhance DEI at the firm.
  • Sponsor one diverse associate through the firm’s revamped sponsorship program.
  • Engage with the members of our diverse networks to gather their feedback and recommendations.
  • Continue to participate in programs with outside organizations, including clients, peers and leading academic institutions to learn and help drive innovation that leads to meaningful progress at our firm and in the profession.

Organizational Commitments

  • Strengthen our DEI efforts at the firm by conducting an assessment and creating a new firm-wide DEI action plan that will be shared internally and externally.
  • Ask each practice group leader to identify and implement DEI goals and metrics.
  • Continue to consider each partner’s contributions to DEI as part of partner compensation.
  • Implement a revamped firm-wide sponsorship program for mid to senior-level diverse associates.
  • Allocate resources to expand coaching and/or mentoring programs for diverse lawyers and alumni.
  • Continue to raise the internal and external visibility of diverse lawyers.
  • Continue to work with our Black Partners to ensure that they and our Black Associates are receiving meaningful career and work opportunities that set them up for success in their chosen career/life paths.
  • Require and continue to offer inclusive leadership training for those in senior leadership positions.
  • Identify which of our top clients will require a new relationship partner in the next five years and develop diverse partners to succeed as relationship partners for some of these clients.

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