I, Hewitt Pate, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitments

  • Invest Time in Directly Hearing the Perspectives of Diverse Employees. Thoughtfully fostering a diverse and inclusive team environment requires me to seek the perspectives of diverse employees, and to encourage all of our leaders to do the same. Doing this one-on-one is uniquely valuable and merits the time needed to develop a level of trust. Chevron also has employee networks — such as our Women’s Employee Network, PRIDE Network, and Indigenous Employee Network, that share perspectives in regularly scheduled meetings. Maintaining constant and open communication with Chevron’s Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer has also helped me gain insight.
  • Help Make Diversity and Inclusion Programs Diverse and Inclusive. My goal is that Chevron’s legal diversity efforts reflect values all employees worldwide can rally around. That includes acknowledging the hurt and waste caused by racism and discrimination, and helping make our workplace fairer. It does not include compelled adherence to any specific political or economic view. Depoliticized and broad-based diversity efforts can have amazing results, as long-time Chevron outside counsel Ted Olson demonstrated in winning the same-sex marriage litigation. Inserting politics into diversity drives potential allies away.
  • Promote Diversity in Chevron’s Outside Counsel Hiring. One of my priorities is Chevron’s well-established Law Firm Diversity Awards program. All of our firms are encouraged to apply for the award by describing their own diversity efforts, including the role of diverse lawyers in doing Chevron’s legal work. One or more of our firms is honored for its efforts in a yearly ceremony and lunch program that is well attended by our lawyers and legal professionals. Chevron executives from outside the law department are usually part of the program. This positive approach has served us well in diversifying our outside counsel selections and recognizing our firms for improving the profession.
  • Support Fairness and Excellence in Hiring and Promotion. Developing innovative pathways for all of our legal professionals to grow and advance is a priority for me. We seek diverse slates of job candidates, use inclusion counselors in selection meetings, and have increased internal transparency around our hiring and promotion diversity statistics. We make no apology for focusing on race, gender, sexual orientation, and other aspects of diversity because past discrimination has made this necessary. At the point of decision, the relevant question is whether we are selecting the best candidate. Qualified and excellent diverse candidates are available, and they will often be the best.

Organizational Commitments

  • Chevron’s commitment to diversity and inclusion begins with The Chevron Way, our statement of the company’s values. Other elements of our commitment include support for STEM education for female and underrepresented students, longstanding relationships with Historically Black Colleges and Universities, our longstanding 100% Corporate Equality Index from the Human Rights Campaign, our leadership role in the CATALYST organization, and similar efforts. More information can be found in Chevron’s Corporate Sustainability Report, available at https://www.chevron.com/-/media/shared-media/documents/chevron-sustainability-report-2021.pdf.

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