I, Frank Lopez, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitments

Paul Hastings' Culture of Inclusion:

  • Chair the Firm’s Global Diversity & Inclusion program, focused on evolving our culture of inclusion, expanding and developing diverse talent at the firm, promoting diversity in the industry and deepening client engagements.
  • Visibly champion and articulate to my partners the importance of their active participation and integration of diversity and inclusion into firm business and practice management.
  • Clearly communicate to the firm by hosting updates to speak to attorneys and business professionals about firm growth, our continued commitment to growing talent and approach to evolving our firm’s culture of inclusion.

Commitment to Developing talent:

  • Personally meet with our affinity group associate and professional staff leaders to learn about their experiences and perspectives on ways the firm/I can support their development and professional goals.
  • Hold my department leaders accountable for a diverse slate of associate and partnership candidates with the annual goal of at least 30 percent of diverse hires per year.
  • Sponsor the career development of diverse attorneys through targeted firm programs each year, including annual professional development forums for our diverse attorneys (with an expected ongoing relationship with all participants).

Promote diversity in the industry:

  • Meet with LCLD leadership to further understand the D&I commitment and identify best practices in the industry.
  • Use my leadership position to publicly advocate for and ensure that D&I is top-of-mind in the legal industry.

Working with our clients:

  • Organize and participate in client discussions where the agenda is based on D&I initiatives and commitments to clients and the firm.
  • Require partners to include D&I on the agenda for annual relationship meetings with clients and explore client interest in collaborating on D&I projects.
  • Organize and host a yearly leadership lunch with a significant Firm client to discuss their business, industry outlook and the integral importance of diversity within BigLaw, legal teams and the industry broadly.

Organizational Commitments

Culture of inclusion:

  • Continue to provide associates with billable hours credit for eligible activities/leadership that advance the firm's diversity priorities.
  • Build upon firmwide D&I learning opportunities, including hosting at least six firmwide programs to discuss D&I topics featuring firm leaders and clients to engage in transparent dialogue across the firm about our different lived experiences.
  • Constantly grow and evolve our Global Diversity Initiatives and Affinity Networks.

Developing talent:

  • Promote leadership and partner accountability by implementing an annual D&I action planning process for practice groups, including visible and demonstrated commitment to D&I, success in developing talent equitably, and leading inclusively.
  • Expand and formalize our current mentoring programs.
  • Remain Mansfield Rule Plus Certified and continue to use Mansfield and the ABA Model Diversity Survey to track progress, identify gap areas and increase our diversity metrics.
  • Continue to offer diversity scholarships to 10 diverse students per year, while looking at new ways to expand and evolve the program and to broadly communicate growth in this initiative.

Promote diversity in the industry:

  • Create campaigns focused on promoting women and diverse leaders in the market.
  • Highlight client best practices by building upon our thought leadership series, programming and industry events.
  • Continue to support programs designed to expand and diversify the talent pipeline, including LCLD, law firm student association partnerships such as Black Law Students Associations, and other industry organizations with similar focus.

Working with our clients:

  • Formalize our processes to ensure diversity is a recurring theme at all client meetings.
  • Continue to create innovative ways to partner with clients to increase the leadership opportunities and participation of diverse attorneys on their matters.
  • Implement a process that tracks diversity representation on key client matters, including regular reporting and creation of succession plan.


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