I, Eve Konstan, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitments

  • I will champion LCLD’s mission by (1) ensuring LCLD resources are shared with Spotify’s legal team; (2) sponsoring participants in LCLD’s Pathfinders and Fellows programs each year; and (3) meeting with our Fellows, Pathfinders and Alumni to discuss their experiences and solicit feedback on areas for improvement at Spotify.
  • I will champion education and training opportunities for Spotify’s legal team in key areas impacting diversity, inclusion and belonging (DIB) such as inclusive hiring best practices.
  •  I will meet with the legal team’s DIB working group to discuss ongoing initiatives and assist with progressing their goals and promoting their initiatives.

Organizational Commitments

  • Spotify’s platform welcomes a diversity of voices and perspectives and so does Spotify’s legal team - we will continue fostering a culture where colleagues are able to do their best , feel free to share diverse views and perspectives and have equal opportunities for advancement and development.
  • We will provide continued support and resources to Spotify legal team’s pro bono working group, which creates and champions opportunities in the communities around us with unmet legal needs.
  • We will seek outside counsel partners who share our commitment to DIB by requesting information detailing their DIB strategies and initiatives from them, and ensuring their strategies are reflective of Spotify’s own commitment to DIB.
  • We will continue to encourage participation in and engagement with bar association organizations focused on underrepresented communities within the legal profession.

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