I, Eric McCrath, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

Advocacy & Allyship

  • I will continue to use my voice as a leader in my firm and in the profession to advocate for diversity and inclusion (D+I) and to fight racial injustice in our communities.  I will do so consistently and reliably. 
  • I will continue to support, encourage, and participate in the ongoing dialogue at the firm about how all lawyers, particularly non-diverse lawyers in the senior ranks of the firm, can engage on D+I issues. 
  • I will continue to communicate regularly about our D+I initiatives and partnerships, our progress as a firm, and spotlight and promote the successes of diverse lawyers at the firm internally and externally. 


  • I will partner with general counsel to host an LCLD Leadership Lunch.
  • I will invite GCs and/or LCLD member clients to meet with me in the next twelve months to discuss opportunities to collaborate to improve D+I in the legal profession and fight racial injustice in our communities.  We will work together to advance the careers of the firm’s diverse lawyers through opportunities such as secondments, building diverse teams to work on matters, mentoring, and joint community/pro bono partnerships. 

Talent Development 

  • I will continue to encourage partners to sponsor diverse attorneys as part of the firm’s sponsorship initiative. 
  • I will invite firm fellows, pathfinders, and alumni annually to meet with me to discuss their experiences within the firm.  I will ask each individual to come to the meeting with a recommendation for how the firm can enhance its D+I efforts, with the aim of agreeing on initiatives the firm can enact.  

Organizational Commitment

  • I will uphold our firm’s longstanding commitment to D+I and social and racial justice as core to our culture. 

Team Diversity & Work Allocation 

  • I will continue to support the firm’s efforts to increase diversity among its partnership and associates every year. 
  • I will continue to lead conversations with our clients through events like Change From the Top, a biennial summit that pairs CEOs and GCs from organizations across industries with firm partners to share best practices for D+I.  I will also continue to work with our D+I team to develop additional client-focused initiatives.
  • I will continue to encourage partners to share the diversity of their teams with clients using our new MoFo D+I Snapshot, launched in Winter 2022. 
  • I will continue to work toward fair and equitable distribution of work assignments and stretch assignments through firm initiatives, including the Affinity Mentoring Programs. 

Compensation Policy 

  • I will continue to support the efforts of our Compensation Committee to evaluate partners on their individual contributions to D+I, including how they demonstrate support for diversity in the profession and foster a culture of inclusiveness at the firm.

Succession Planning 

  • I will continue to support our efforts to achieve Mansfield Certification Plus, which means the firm successfully reaches at least 30% representation of women, communities of color, LGBTQ+, and attorneys with disabilities in notable leadership roles and committees every year.
  • I will continue to work with the D+I team, practice group heads, and department chairs to prioritize diversity in succession planning. 

Prioritizing & Enhancing Existing D+I Initiatives 

  • I will continue to partner closely with the firm’s Diversity Strategy Committee and Women’s Strategy Committee, as well as our chief diversity and inclusion officer, to champion initiatives aimed at recruiting, developing, and promoting diverse talent both inside and outside the firm.  
  • I will continue to prioritize and enhance our D+I initiatives, including our unconscious bias curriculum; support for MoFo Navigate, including our Affinity Mentoring Program, Sponsorship Initiative, and New Diverse and Women Partner Liaison Program; and leadership development programs for our diverse lawyers outside the firm, including through LCLD.
  • I will offer to host internal and external events designed to obtain regular feedback and share best practices for diversity, inclusion, and leadership.
  • I will remain committed to and actively engaged in the promotion of racial and social justice through our Allies Network, charitable giving, and pro bono legal services.

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