I, Elisa Garcia, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitments

As Chief Legal Officer, I commit to personally undertake the following actions:

  • I will use my position to enable and support a work environment within the Macy’s Legal Department and throughout Macy’s that welcomes and promotes a diversity of cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives.
  • I will use my position to ensure that the principles of diversity and inclusion are considered during the recruitment, hiring, retention, and development of talent within the Legal Department and by our outside law firms.
  • I will use my position to hold the Legal Department accountable for diversity and inclusion efforts by ensuring that Department members have a diversity and inclusion goal as part of the annual performance review process.
  • I will use my position to mentor and help develop diverse legal talent and to serve as an advisor throughout their career.

Organizational Commitments

  • The Macy’s Legal Department will hold outside providers, including outside law firms, accountable for promoting diversity and inclusion in all matters handled on behalf of Macy’s. This includes requiring firms to regularly provide diversity metrics through the completion of the ABA Model Diversity Survey in addition to completing timekeeper profiles (including D&I categories) through our online billing platform.
  • The Macy’s Legal Department will continue to identify and retain MWBE law firms, and to ensure that the outside teams assisting with Macy’s legal matters are staffed with diverse attorneys who receive appropriate credit for the work performed on behalf of Macy’s.
  • The Macy’s Legal Department will continue to identify and work with MWBE legal vendors (court reporting services, statutory agents), and to ensure that a portion of Macy’s legal spend is allocated towards MWBE vendors.
  • The Macy’s Legal Department is undertaking an initiative to promote the retention and promotion of diverse attorneys at the outside law firms that provide legal services to Macy’s.
  • The Macy’s Legal Department will strive to have full participation in responding to internal company culture surveys and engage the Legal Department in having open and honest conversations on topics relating to diversity and inclusion.
  • The Macy’s Legal Department will support the development of diverse team members through our continued support and participation in the LCLD Fellows program as well as the McKinsey & Co. Black, Hispanic-Latino, and Asian Connected Leadership Academies.

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