I, Dev Stahlkopf, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

In order to advance diversity and inclusion within both my organization and the legal profession more broadly, I personally commit to:

  • Reinforcing a culture in the legal department that encourages employees to come to and leave work each day feeling that they have been authentically and visibly who they are, and by ensuring that employees feel valued, heard, and empowered as professionals;
  • Continuing to grow my personal D&I acumen, including in being an effective ally, through convening forums with law firms and other corporate legal departments to share best practices, by participating in diversity-focused events, and by participating in reverse mentoring;
  • Publicly demonstrating my commitment by using my platform to advocate for greater diversity in the legal profession and for the removal of systemic barriers to entry and advancement, through public engagements, by leveraging my professional network, through continued participation in and sponsorship of conferences and diverse bar events, and by advancing policies and initiatives to support this goal; and
  • Serving as executive sponsor for Microsoft’s member relationship and participation with LCLD as well as for Microsoft’s internal LCLD network, including fellows, pathfinders, and our LCLD alumni network.

Organizational Commitment

As Microsoft’s General Counsel, I commit that as an organization we will: 

  • Foster a culture of diversity and inclusion by:
    • Expecting every employee in the legal department to adopt a D&I core priority, in which each employee personally commits to be an active participant in creating a diverse and inclusive organization, and is accountable to this work similar to other business priorities;
    • Facilitating and encouraging employee participation in diversity, inclusion, and allyship activities and programs, including diversity speaker series, mentoring rings, and other community events; and
    • Doubling down on investments that advance the legal department’s inclusion acumen, psychological safety, allyship, and empathy so that we can continue to learn and grow as a community.
  • Drive accountability for diversity & inclusion by: 
    • Relying on diversity data to inform our progress on diversity within our legal department;
    • Setting diversity-related goals to help hold ourselves accountable for progress; and 
    • Driving leader and manager accountability for D&I and career development by making D&I a factor in leader and manager performance assessments.
  • Continue to increase diverse representation within my organization by:
    • Maintaining policies and practices to increase diversity in hiring, including posting positions externally and requiring diverse slating;
    • Ensuring that diverse succession plans are in place for all senior roles in my organization; and
    • Embracing a multi-geography talent strategy and a flexible/hybrid workplace model that enhances recruitment and retention from a robust, national talent pool of qualified professionals.
  • Ensure equal opportunity within my organization by:
    • Ensuring policies are in place to promote equal opportunity in the legal department, including open selection for management positions and increasing focus on diverse project teams;
    • Creating increased transparency for career development opportunities; and
    • Continuing the routine review of promotion and other employment decisions to ensure consideration of all qualified employees.
  • Help advance diversity in the legal profession through our focus on legal supplier diversity by:
    • Continuing to partner with our top law firms on diversity through our Law Firm Diversity Program, and incentive based program that rewards firms for meeting certain diversity goals;
    • Continuing to meet our annual spend commitment with women and minority owned firms (“WMBE firms”) through the NAMWOLF Inclusion Initiative; and
    • Expanding our pipeline of WMBE firms, with a particular focus on Black and Hispanic/Latinx owned firms. 


I commit to hold myself and my organization accountable by measuring outcomes relating to these commitments to help us learn, improve, and drive progress. These metrics will include:

  • Maintaining the expectation that 100% of externally posted roles will have diverse slates, and requiring General Counsel approval for any exceptions; 
  • Ensuring that 100% of succession plans for senior leadership roles have diverse slates;
  • Requiring 100% completion of diversity and inclusion trainings for all employees in the organization, including trainings on unconscious bias, covering, allyship, and privilege.
  • Requiring 100% completion of manager-focused diversity and inclusion trainings, including on inclusive hiring, for all managers in the organization.
  • Continuing to increase diversity of Microsoft’s outside counsel year-over-year, both overall and in law firm leadership, through Microsoft’s Law Firm Diversity Program; 
  • Increasing the pipeline of WMBE firms within our legal supplier base; and
  • Continuing to meet or exceed our commitment under the NAMWOLF Inclusion Initiative of at least $15 million in annual spend with WMBE firms.

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