I, David McAtee, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • Use my voice and actions individually and collectively to advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion at AT&T, in the legal profession, and in society.
  • Partner with a law firm to host an LCLD Leadership Lunch and select two Fellows in attendance for a follow-up conversation.
  • Join LCLD’s General Counsel Mentoring Program and serve as a mentor to LCLD Alumni  who have moved intogeneral counsel roles.
  • Reinforce my expectation with AT&T’s preferred firms that advancing DE&I is a shared value and encourage the assignment of AT&T’s work to their diverse talent. 
  • Hold my AT&T Legal Department leadership team accountable for the commitments within this pledge and continue our objective to “flood the zone” with DE&I initiatives for our attorneys and legal professionals.

Organizational Commitment

Standing for equality is one AT&T’s core values, and we’ve dedicated ourselves to fostering a more equal, diverse, and inclusive society.  We’re reaffirming that commitment loud and clear by recommitting to:

  • Continue to train the AT&T Legal Department leadership team to expand their perspectives, raise awareness of actions or habits that impede inclusion, build their DE&I lexicon, and increase their equity and social justice competency.  
  • Invite all the attorneys and legal professionals to participate in DE&I trainings, explore our Listen, Understand & Act resources, and use our Equality First application to learn from one another and build a community for equality.
  • Examine our talent pipeline to ensure we are considering competitive, more diverse slates for all openings, and increasing the diversity of the selection pool for external openings by advertising in a more targeted way to ensure we are reaching a diverse audience.
  • Enhance our efforts to provide real-time feedback and mentor, train, and develop all of our talent, while also providing our diverse talent with mentorship and leadership development programs tailored to underrepresented employees.
  • Increase our efforts to provide all our talent, including our diverse employees, more showcase opportunities.
  • Continue to evaluate our actions with a DE&I lens by maintaining the Diversity Feedback Team to provide unfiltered thoughts, inputs, and reactions to myself and AT&T’s Legal Department Leadership on these important issues.
  • Maintain our practice of regularly examining and making necessary adjustments to individual employees’ compensation as part of our commitment to pay equity – regardless of gender, race/ethnicity – for employees who hold the same jobs, have the same experience and performance levels, and work in the same geographic area.  We are working on applying these pay equity practices to every corner of the company.  
  • Require AT&T’s preferred firms to annually complete the American Bar Association’s Model Diversity Survey and use it to assess their DE&I efforts and use of diverse talent on AT&T’s legal matters.  
  • Continue to provide this data to our attorneys to have them annually rate how satisfied they are with our preferred firms’ diversity in staffing AT&T matters and use this input, along with responses in five other core areas, to determine if AT&T will release 5% of the firms’ annual fees that are held back each year.   
  • Partner with our preferred firms on pipeline initiatives like our Impactful Relationships Program that provides cross-mentoring for diverse attorneys at the firms and AT&T and the Summer Fellows Program aimed at offering opportunities to law students with non-traditional and diverse backgrounds. 
  • Continue to consider diversity in our succession planning and promotion processes. 
  • Support the significant racial and social justice work undertaken by members of the AT&T Legal Department’s Diversity and Inclusion and Pro Bono Committees.
  • Persist in advocating for public policy reforms in this area.


I will measure success by continuing to:

  • Evaluate our organization’s race, ethnicity, gender, LGBTQ+, disability, and veteran demographics annually to measure our progress and share the data with the department to be transparent on the results. 
  • Increase our annual spend with certified diverse firms and diverse talent within majority owned firms.
  • Attract and retain diverse talent on both our internal and external teams.
  • Have a steady cadence of DE&I initiatives and engagement with this important work.

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