I, David Koschik, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • Use my voice as Vice Chair of White & Case and Executive Committee liaison to our Firm’s diversity & inclusion efforts to build a Firm culture that promotes a respectful, supportive workplace environment, where all people feel accepted for who they are, experience a sense of belonging and are empowered to unite across differences. 
  • Openly discuss the importance of addressing systemic inequalities as well as participate in and promote a variety of D&I trainings and events at White & Case.
  • Use my position in Firm leadership to support and promote changes to improve the fairness of processes such as recruiting, hiring, professional development, mentoring and sponsorship, work allocation, compensation, promotion and appointment to Firm governance and leadership positions.
  • Continue educating myself about the unique experiences and challenges of underrepresented colleagues in our Firm and the broader legal industry.
  • Encourage lawyers and business services professionals to join affinity networks as members or allies, and strengthen ties and collaboration between affinity networks across the Firm.
  • Meet on a regular basis with the Firm’s Global Diversity Committee and Global Women’s Initiative Committee Chairs to discuss issues and underscore the importance of maintaining a diverse, inclusive and equitable community. 
  • Meet with Firm LCLD Fellows, Pathfinders and Alumni to discuss their experiences within the Firm. Act as a mentor for diverse talent within the Firm.
  • Collaborate with clients and other law firm leaders who are members of LCLD to share ideas about how to increase diversity, equity and inclusion in our industry and share best practices.

Organizational Commitment

Recruitment & Succession Planning for lawyers and business services staff

  • Remain intentional about recruiting diverse lawyers and business services professionals, and ensuring diversity in succession planning for internal positions.
  • Consider a diverse slate of candidates for all internal partner promotion and lateral partner decisions. 
  • Continue the 2L First Generation Professional scholarship program with the goal of expanding it to more US offices. 
  • Actively involve diverse associates in attorney recruiting, including at the most junior levels.
  • Remain Mansfield Rule certified for our U.S. offices.

Professional Development 

  • Direct financial and personnel resources to a robust coaching program for women lawyers at all stages of career development.
  • Devote financial and personnel resources to a robust sponsorship program for ethnically and racially diverse associates. 
  • Support development programs for diverse lawyers and business services staff, such as the LCLD Fellows and Pathfinders Programs, Chart Your Own Course and the McKinsey Connected Leaders Academy. 

Embedding Culture

  • Continue the rollout of Firm-wide inclusive leadership, anti-racism and equity training. 
  • Support efforts to ensure all voices within the Firm are heard; continue our Courageous Conversations event series. 
  • Ensure partners (including Firm leadership) mentor/sponsor diverse associates and actively participate in and support all D&I programming organized by the Firm and/or by our affinity networks.
  • Promote pro bono initiatives with an impact in historically under-represented communities.

Visibility and Accountability

  • Ensure that the Firm’s strategic priorities include ambitious D&I goals. 
  • Ensure D&I objectives are included in all business plans developed across the Firm (e.g., Regional Sections, Practice Groups, Industry Groups, Key Clients).
  • Continue to benchmark our diversity data against peers and client industry standards. 

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