I, Dana Rosenfeld, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment 

  • I will use my position and voice to advocate for continued improvement in the representation of diverse attorneys both within my firm and in the legal profession in general.
  • I will meet at least twice annually with our LCLD Pathfinders and Fellows to learn about their experiences, concerns, and ideas, and to identify opportunities to increase their visibility within the firm. 
  • I will meet at least annually with our affinity groups to understand their experiences, concerns, and ideas, and will use that information to inform and drive firm efforts to increase diversity and inclusion in the firm.
  • I will continue to participate in and support our firm’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee.  
  • I will continue to communicate personally to the firm the importance of fostering a diverse and inclusive firm community.  
  • I will continue to consider a diverse slate of attorneys when making decisions about appointment of attorneys to firm leadership positions, firm committees, and other key staffing decisions. 
  • I will engage regularly with firm partners and leaders, emphasizing the importance of their personal efforts in recruiting, sponsoring, retaining, and promoting diverse attorneys.

Organizational Commitment 

  • We will continue to seek diverse slates of candidates and will include at least one diverse interviewer on attorney interview panels.  We also will continue to support pipeline programs designed to encourage diverse students to consider entering the legal profession and to utilize pipeline programs to identify diverse candidates in firm hiring. 
  • We will require practice groups to identify the foundational knowledge and experiences necessary for associate success. 
  • We regularly will review internal data to ensure that all associates receive appropriate opportunities and work assignments. 
  • We will request that partners include diverse attorneys on teams for significant clients or matters and regularly evaluate the volume and substance of work assignments and client contact afforded to diverse attorneys on these matters.  
  • We will evaluate attorney feedback practices and implement systemic changes to facilitate timely and constructive feedback to support our attorneys’ continued professional development and awareness of requirements for promotion and advancement. 
  • We will work with partners to develop and implement client succession plans that ensure diverse attorneys are considered and prepared to succeed to the primary client relationship position. 
  • We will review, annually, attorney performance reviews and compensation decisions to identify and address any apparent inequities.
  • We will develop formal processes to facilitate relationship-building between partners and diverse attorneys.  
  • We will reengage and refine our women special counsel sponsorship program to facilitate meaningful relationships that provide actionable guidance for, and advocacy on behalf of, our women special counsel.
  • We will consider partners’ personal contributions toward firm diversity and inclusion efforts in partner compensation decisions. 
  • We will continue to provide wellness programs, addressing physical and mental health, for all firm employees.

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