I, Dahlia Doumar, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitments

  • I will hold two town halls each year to maintain open and transparent channels of communication between the Managing Partner and our attorneys and business services staff regarding Patterson Belknap’s DEI goals and strategy.
  • I will incorporate DEI goals, strategy, and implementation into the agenda of at least one partner lunch each quarter to engage our partners in ongoing and meaningful dialogue focused on diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • I will participate in leadership coaching with an emphasis on building a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace, and encourage other leaders of the Firm to do the same.
  • As a member of the Management Committee, I will ensure the voices and interests of our business services staff and attorneys are considered.
  • I will meet with our Patterson Attorneys of Color, Out at Patterson, and Women Lawyers at Patterson resource groups at least twice per year to understand their experiences at the Firm and identify opportunities for improvement, in addition to making myself available and accessible to attend additional resource group meetings and programming throughout the year.
  • I will meet once per year with current and past LCLD Pathfinders and Fellows at the Firm to support their professional development.
  • In close collaboration with the Firm’s C-Suite, I will execute and implement the recommendations presented as a result of our Professional Development & Diversity, Equity & Inclusion engagement surveys.

Organizational Commitments

  • Review our professional development and assigning processes to embed equity and inclusion into our programming and decision making.
  • Ensure that diverse candidates are considered for all Firm leadership roles and in all hiring decisions.
  • Provide training and resources to all partners and counsel covering topics such as elimination of bias, work allocation, and providing feedback across differences.
  • Reimagine mentoring programs at the Firm, with an emphasis on developing our associates and providing them with the internal resources that will help them succeed at the Firm and beyond.
  • Evaluate our recruiting processes and the diversity of our pipeline demographics with the objective of reaching a wide array of exceptional candidates.
  • Partner with clients to advance our mutual DEI goals, and to further DEI within the legal profession.
  • Continue the Firm’s participation in LCLD.
  • Continue the Firm’s successful participation in various pipeline initiatives designed to increase the diversity of the legal profession, including Legal Outreach, SEO and the Patterson-TEAK Fellowship Program.
  • Continually evaluate the Firm’s Committee structure and composition to ensure committees are representative of diverse perspectives and backgrounds.
  • Continually evaluate the Firm’s Diversity Fellowship to ensure that it provides our Diversity Fellows with meaningful opportunities after they have joined the Firm.


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