I, Craig Glidden, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • To be a leader in my organization, my community, and the legal profession concerning diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I).  
  • To ensure that DE&I is an integral part of my law department’s recruiting, development, advancement, and succession planning.  
  • To speak with my organization’s Strategic Legal Partnering (SLP) firms every quarter about the importance of DE&I to me and GM.
  • To support and advance LCLD and professional organizations that advance DE&I. 

Organizational Commitment

  • To support GM’s Chairman & CEO, our Senior Leadership Team, and our Inclusion Advisory Board to advance DE&I initiatives within the company and strive to become the world’s most inclusive company. 
  • To continue advancing the five key DE&I initiatives led by GM’s Legal Staff: Awareness & Training, Policy Reform, Education & Economic Opportunity, Public Health, and Finance Initiatives. 
  • To ensure that DE&I is discussed during our Legal Leadership Team meetings. 
  • To commit to diverse slates for new positions, and continue growing, developing, and advancing diverse attorneys into executive and leadership roles. 
  • To continue utilizing the diversity dashboard to ensure our SLP firms are supporting our matters with diverse attorneys.  


  • Strive for 20% increase over our 2020 racial minority utilization and improve in our total diversity utilization across our SLP firms. 
  • Host four speakers each year to address DE&I topics with our Legal Staff. 

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