I, Chris Witeck, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • I will advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the communities where I work and live, driven by my conviction that legal professionals have a unique obligation and ability to create a better, more just society.
  • I will meet annually with the firm’s Fellows and Scholars to discuss their experiences within the organization as part of our ongoing assessment of the firm’s progress toward the goals it publicly espouses.
  • I will seek input from the firm’s diverse lawyers and staff to better understand their experiences and challenges and better support their career development.
  • I will continue to emphasize in discussions with our partners, including at our regular meetings, the value and importance to the firm of their active support of DEI, particularly in mentorship of diverse attorneys at the firm.

Organizational Commitment

  • Our Diversity Committee will provide guidance on the firm’s overall strategic direction and on its DEI efforts. 
  • We will participate in the Fellows and 1L Scholars Programs, which we view as essential to our diversity efforts. 
  • We will demonstrate ongoing commitment to our Unity Initiative for Equal Justice, and ensure that our attorneys and staff remain engaged in it to further our DEI work. 
  • We will give associate attorney credit hours for activities, leadership, and mentoring that advance the firm’s DEI priorities. 
  • We will recruit at law schools with diverse student bodies and seek diverse law students, clerks, government lawyers, and potential laterals. 
  • We will match new associates with mentors as we work to ensure that all diverse associates receive the professional support they need as they advance in their careers.
  • We will ask firm partners to include DEI efforts on the agenda of any client meetings focused on relationship review. 
  • We will commit resources to sponsorships, education, and learning programs aimed at improving DEI in our firm and in our communities. 


  • Track attorney contributions and hours to DEI efforts, including Unity Initiative participation. 
  • Review client teams annually for diversity. 
  • Emphasize diversity among the proposed team for all client pitches. 
  • Meet with Diversity Committee regularly to track progress. 
  • Maintain Mansfield Rule Certification and participate in the second cohort of the Midsize Mansfield Rule. 

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