I, Chonda Nwamu, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment* 

  • I will use my leadership influence or proverbial "seat at the table" to advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) at Ameren as a member of the executive leadership team, in the legal profession, and in the community.
  • I will foster a culture of inclusion within the General Counsel Function and at Ameren to enable all co-workers to feel a sense of belonging and value for who they are as unique individuals with diverse characteristics, lived experiences and diverse perspectives, and connected by our common set of Ameren values.
  • I will annually mentor/sponsor at least two diverse individuals.
  • I will be an active Executive Sponsor and participant with Ameren employee resource groups.
  • I will ensure that all leaders in the General Counsel Function have a DE&I goal as one of their annual performance goals.
  • I will strive to maintain an immediate senior leadership team that is no less than 50% diverse.
  • I will require diverse slates and diverse interview panels for openings on my senior leadership team.
  • I will be an ally for all members of diverse and underrepresented groups (i.e., minorities, women, disabled veterans, LGBTQ+ and other persons traditionally underrepresented in the legal profession).

General Counsel Function Organizational Commitment* 

  • Our Function will target, and track as a metric, that at least 60% of Ameren's "preferred panel" law firms have a diverse relationship partner.
  • Our Function will strive to have the majority of Ameren's preferred law firms using diverse individuals to perform a significant percentage of hours worked on our matters.
  • Our Function will target, and track as a metric, a specific percentage of Ameren's overall outside counsel spend to be spent with diverse-owned law firms.
  • I will require diverse slates and diverse interview panels for hiring within the General Counsel Function.
  • Our Function will meet annually with our preferred panel law firms and provide a data-driven performance scorecard that includes diversity performance. Law firms that consistently score low and/or show no or minimal improvement on diversity will be evaluated for transition out of the preferred panel program.
  • I will encourage members of the General Counsel Function to participate in Ameren DE&I trainings, certifications and quarterly Storycast discussions and target at least 70% average annual Function participation.
  • Our Function will facilitate increased diversity in the legal profession, in energy law and in the St, Louis region through recruitment of highly talented, diverse, and underrepresented law students to participate in Ameren's Legal Department Diversity Pipeline internship.
  • Our Function will encourage attorneys in the Legal Department to participate in LCLD programs and other diverse affinity legal industry organizations.

*At Ameren General Counsel Function, we act and commit as a leadership team, pledge commitments reflected as "I" statements are my accountability and reflect joint commitment and execution by all leaders within the Ameren General Counsel Function.

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