I, Chase Simmons, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • I will continue to utilize our diversity analysis tool (and require the same of others) so that we are conscious of the diversity of those being considered for involvement in firm boards, committees, meetings, retreats, off-sites, pitches.
  • In addition to ad hoc meetings, I will caucus with each affinity (diverse resource) group twice a year, our diversity professionals weekly, our staff diversity committee twice a year and will insure we have an appropriate mix of lawyer leadership and professional support in our DEI efforts.
  • I will enhance reporting to the board and our shareholders on the diversity of our (i) Board of Directors, (ii) members of the C-suite, (iii) major committees, and (iv) promotions and do so in reference to our recently adopted strategic plan goals.
  • I will continue to analyze and adjust as necessary on a bi-annual basis to insure DEI with respect to origination credit for our top 200 clients.
  • I will tie the compensation of our leaders in a more tangible and transparent way to success in DEI and will provide information and mechanism for my compensation to be treated similarly.

Organizational Commitment

  • The firm will continue to use LCLD, Mansfield and other organizations to which we report as benchmarks and thought leaders to improve our DEI. Our submissions process will continue its shift from trying to achieve particular certifications to utilizing the questions, the results and the feedback to make us a more inclusive firm.
  • The firm will undergo an external DEI assessment that will direct us to develop better internal tools for enhanced feedback.
  • The firm will broadly solicit, select and implement ideas in order to become a leader in crafting hybrid work, work from home and other post-covid realities within a long-term DEI strategy.
  • The firm will develop a new shareholder mentor system where minority non-equity shareholders will be mentored and sponsored by Board members and other leaders to ensure they have a clear path for further advancement within the firm.    
  • The firm will seek to double each year the number of diversity-related partnerships with our clients.

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