I, Carolyn Duronio, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • I will continue my personal commitment to foster a workplace that is open, inclusive and supportive to all.
  • In my department, I will welcome new ideas, different experiences and fresh perspectives. 
  • I will support and consistently reinforce our organization’s commitment to diversity and inclusion by routinely talking to my legal team about our professional development programs and talent pipeline programs, Business Resource Groups, the “Rooney Rule,” workforce education and supplier diversity.

Organizational Commitment

  • At Highmark Health, we strive to be open, inclusive and supportive to all. Our workforce includes talented people from every background. We welcome new ideas, different experiences and fresh perspectives. For us, supporting a diverse and inclusive workforce is more than the right thing to do. It makes us stronger as a business and more innovative as a group — positioning us to be highly effective at serving our customers and communities.
  • We live these values as a company through initiatives including:
    • Executive Sponsorship: At Highmark Health, executives sponsor diversity and inclusion at three distinct levels: within the board of directors, through an inclusion advisory council and through sponsorship of our business resource groups
    • Business Resource Groups: BRGs serve and operate as an inclusive network of employees. Led through executive sponsorship, mentoring, and engagement, our BRGs share personal knowledge and experiences to enhance professional growth, promote cultural competency and multicultural awareness, and positively impact our company's bottom line. BRGs contribute to our competitive strength in the health care industry by enhancing our enterprise capability through targeted market intelligence, development of human capital, diverse leadership development, and community outreach programs.
    • The "Rooney Rule": At Highmark Health, our top leaders are committed to interviewing at least one diverse candidate for any open position at the director level and above. A diverse candidate is someone who differs from the makeup of the particular hiring group. He or she could be a person of a different gender, ethnic, cultural or generational background or a veteran or person with a disability. By implementing the "Rooney Rule" at Highmark Health, we ensure that we are building leadership that reflects the diverse consumers, patients and members we are proud to serve.
    • Workforce education: Educating our workforce is a key pillar of our diversity and inclusion efforts at Highmark Health. We provide educational opportunities to teach fundamental concepts such as unconscious bias and the business case for diversity, and also offer training for all employees such as the Military Toolkit and iDisability. Through these key learnings, our diversity and inclusion team works to equip employees and leaders with the tools and best practices in building, engaging and working in a diverse workforce and delivering to a diverse marketplace.
    • Supplier Diversity: Our supplier diversity program promotes business opportunities for diverse suppliers, including minority-owned, woman-owned, historically underutilized business zone (HUBZone), service-disabled veteran-owned, veteran-owned, small businesses and other disadvantaged business enterprises in the various communities we serve.

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