I, Cameron Garrison, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • I will ensure that my words and actions make clear to everyone in our organization that diversity, equity, and inclusion is a personal and unwavering priority.
  • I will ensure that diversity, equity, and inclusion is regularly discussed at our quarterly Partner, All Attorney, and Town Hall meetings.
  • I will be an active member of our Culture, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee and ensure the committee’s leadership has whatever support it needs from me.
  • I will maintain an active relationship with our Diverse Professionals Network.
  • I will meet quarterly with the active participants and alumni of the LCLD Fellows and Pathfinder programs to learn about their experiences in the programs and our firm and identify ways to enhance their visibility and opportunities within the firm.
  • I will be personally committed to ensuring that diverse professionals are provided leadership opportunities.
  • I will ensure that all internal and external individuals who participate in Partner recruiting understand the firm’s prioritization of recruiting diverse lateral Partners.
  • I will identify and pursue opportunities to promote the legal profession among diverse communities.
  • I will engage with leaders of other law firms and in house legal departments to collaborate on promoting diversity within the legal profession.
  • Partner annually with a General Counsel/Chief Legal Officer from an LCLD member to host an LCLD Leadership Lunch.

Organizational Commitment

  • Consistently update and execute on our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategic Plan.
  • Ensure that our Practice Group Leaders and Directors of Practice Management maintain an active relationship with our Director of Diversity to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion is prioritized in each of our Practice Groups.
  • Maintain diversity, equity, and inclusion as a top priority in firm strategic planning.
  • Ensure that our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts extend to all areas of our organization and not just attorneys.
  • Ensure that our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts always maintain necessary funding.
  • Maintain our Diversity Fellowship program for summer associates.
  • Implement and promote our Diverse Attorney Sponsorship Program.
  • Ensure that diverse candidates are considered for advancement opportunities at all levels of the organization, including participation in the Mansfield Rule certification process annually.
  • Continue our active participation in LCLD, including the Fellows and Pathfinders programs.
  • Continue to provide billable hours credit for participation in diversity, equity, and inclusion activities.
  • Set, track, and achieve measurable diversity targets throughout the organization.
  • Ensure diverse attorneys receive all necessary support and training for business development efforts.
  • Identify and execute on opportunities to include diverse attorneys in client succession plans. 
  • Ensure participation in diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts remains a factor in Partner compensation decisions.

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