I, Bob Grand, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment 

  • I will use my voice, both internally and externally, to highlight the Firm’s core principles, including commitment to the development of a diverse workforce in which all voices are heard and all lawyers, of whatever nationality, race, gender, or sexual orientation, have a path to success.
  • I will use my position among my firm’s leadership to advocate for reviewing and evaluating the equity of processes such as work assignments, hiring, and compensation.
  • I will personally sponsor one diverse junior attorney each year through our signature Project Keymaker Program. As part of this relationship, I will ensure that the attorney receives at least two significant client opportunities and opportunities for internal/external visibility.
  • Meet semiannually with several Associates and junior Partners from underrepresented backgrounds to hear about their experiences developing their practice, and perspectives on ways the firm/I can support their development and leadership goals.  Use what I learn to educate senior lawyers and firm leaders about the experiences and perspectives of diverse lawyers.
  • Engage with the Management Committee and Department Chairs about the value and importance to the firm of their active support of DEI, particularly with respect to their sponsorship and mentorship of attorneys of color and women attorneys at the firm.
  • Continue to actively co-chair and work closely with the Firm’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee to promote equity within the Firm and to work with organizations promoting racial equity in each of our communities.
  • I will partner with a general counsel to host an LCLD Leadership Lunch.

Organizational Commitment 

  • Lead with integrity by ensuring equity is woven into the fabric of our firm - continuously assessing all policies, practices and procedures, both formal and informal, to ensure they are equitable and free of bias. 
  • I will ask Department Chairs to prepare and present to the Management Committee annual Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) action plans and related metrics.
  • My firm will continue to implement an automated feedback system, in which Associates receive frequent, concrete feedback and managers are assessed based on the frequency and quality of the feedback they give.
  • My firm will begin to track the percentage of engagement of women and minority talent by individual lawyer. 
  • I will work with my firm to incentivize partners to increase DEI opportunities and encourage them to involve diverse lawyers in their client relationships in senior roles.  
  • Undertake a systematic effort to understand the experience of our female talent and minority teammates, and through among other things, the implementation of annual firm-wide implicit bias training (both formal and informal) and other measures, seek to improve that experience.
  • In coordination with the General Counsel, Human Resources, and Chief Operating Officer annually review the compensation (base pay and bonus) and performance ratings of our lawyers and administrators. 
  • Work to fully implement and become a signatory to the Mansfield Rule, thereby requiring our firm to consider at least 30 percent (30%) women, attorneys of color, LGBTQ+, and lawyers with disabilities for leadership and governance roles, equity partner promotions, formal client pitch opportunities and senior lateral positions.
  • In coordination with the Firm’s Diversity Partner, add one additional Diverse Attorney Pipeline Program (DAPP) scholarship and one additional 1L Diversity Scholarship in the firm this year.


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