I, Bart Volkmer, personally commit to the following:

Personal Responsibility

  • I will use my voice to advocate for DEI in my community, in the legal profession, and at Dropbox.
  • I will engage and be an executive sponsor of a Dropbox Employee Resource Group to help support an environment where all Dropboxers are included and heard. 
  • I will meet regularly with diverse senior leaders at law firms and in-house legal departments to discuss the best ways to advance diversity within the legal profession.
  • I’m committed to understanding systematic barriers to entry into tech within underserved communities. 
  • I will connect with with Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), Hispanic Serving institutions (HSIs), and law student associations to better understand the current state and to help break down these barriers. 
  • Each year, I will attend and participate in conferences dedicated to promoting diversity within the legal profession. 
  • I will champion and engage in pro bono and volunteer work that strives to remedy injustice in underserved communities (for example, housing, elder, consumer, and immigration law). 
  • I will support nonprofits working to address underrepresentation in the legal profession.

Dropbox Commitment

  • I will monitor team hiring, promotion, retention, and succession planning to ensure we are achieving internal diversity targets and benchmarks.
  • I will evaluate annually the DEI strategies and goals of our partner law firms to ensure diverse attorneys perform a meaningful percentage of the work on Dropbox matters.
  • I will continue to partner with majority owned law firms to ensure that they staff our matters with teams that include diverse attorneys.
  • I will evaluate our team’s DEI strategy on a quarterly basis and make adjustments as needed to ensure equitable growth and opportunity. 
  • I will make sure that all leaders on the Legal team have a personal DEI pledge and a plan for their team that is measured against those commitments.
  • I will engage in listening sessions with women and URM Dropboxers to identify opportunities and track improvements.

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