I, Anne Robinson, personally commit to the following:

My personal commitment is grounded in three guiding principles: focus, fortitude, and fellowship.  

Focus: Continually and consistently directing attention to the most pressing and relevant needs of legal professionals from underserved and underrepresented communities, and emphasizing the importance of industry diversity.

  • I will continue to support the advancement of women and people of color through sponsorship and advocacy programs at Vanguard and at leading professional development organizations.
  • I will continue to ensure that members of my staff regularly serve as mentors and advocates with an intentional focus on helping women and people of color gain leadership roles within the legal industry. In partnership with organizations, such as the Minority Corporate Counsel Association (MCCA), we will pair our professionals with aspiring leaders to foster a direct and meaningful impact on the diversity of the legal industry.
  • I will continue to ensure that Vanguard uses law firms and other legal suppliers who are equally committed to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in their firms with a goal towards ensuring that attorneys who are women and people of color are awarded origination credit.   

Fortitude: Demonstrating and encouraging resilience and perseverance in efforts to drive diversity, equity, and inclusion in the industry and in society at-large.

  • I will use my influence as a member of several advisory boards to continue to address the steep challenges we face as a society on matters of diversity, equity, and inclusion. 
  • I commit to ensuring that progress towards diverse, equitable, and inclusive workforces remains a top priority in the asset management industry. I will use my voice to ensure the conversation and dialogue never wanes and continues to evolve in sophistication, by speaking at industry conferences and participating in panel discussions with organizations dedicated to driving meaningful change.
  • I and my staff will continue to bring access to high-quality legal services to less-advantaged individuals and organizations through the Vanguard Pro Bono Program. Our focus specifically addresses the needs of vulnerable populations, including immigrants seeking asylum, individuals who have been wrongfully incarcerated, and members of other historically marginalized communities. Vanguard’s Pro Bono Program was borne out of my firm belief that our position as an in-house legal organization does not preclude us from fulfilling our professional responsibility to help those who lack the means to secure representation for themselves.
  • I will continue to support and cultivate conversations that ensure challenges with respect to diversity, equity, and inclusion remain top of mind for fellow executives. 

Fellowship: Cultivating a community that enables a sense of belonging and allows people to learn from one another in an educational and productive manner.

  • I will work to contribute to a culture of inclusion at Vanguard by holding my leadership team accountable for inclusive hiring practices, nurturing a respectful and supportive work environment that will retain a talented and diverse workforce, and driving equitable talent processes among my leadership team.
  • I will continue to invest in and promote the work of Vanguard’s Office of the General Counsel (OGC) Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee. The committee seeks to foster an OGC work culture in which all crew can thrive while being their authentic selves. The committee carries out initiatives designed to help build a more open and diverse legal profession and to develop DEI acumen within the organization.

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