I, Ann Kappler, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

Providing a diverse, equitable and inclusive future across Prudential is everyone’s responsibility. That’s why I’ve pledged personally, and as a member of the executive leadership team at Prudential, to take these critical steps to move us forward:

  • Engage in regular, open conversations that raise awareness and help identify long-term solutions to promote equity in the workplace as well as throughout society
  • Mentor women and diverse leaders to help create a robust talent pipeline for legal positions within and outside of Prudential
  • Model by example the courage to speak up on matters that foster cultural inclusion, at all levels, across all communities.
  • Join cross-industry peers in advocating for legislation that promotes fair and equitable rights for all people
  • Advocate for increased mental health awareness in the workplace as a key measure in fostering supportive and inclusive environments.

Organizational Commitment

  • Continue to promote a department-wide DEI objective that encourages leaders of people to embrace diversity across teams and foster a culture of belonging
  • Promote inclusion training that empowers employees to learn, build skills and take action to become fully inclusive and equitable leaders, while also gaining a greater understanding of concepts such as unconscious bias and microinequities
  • Strengthen partnerships with diverse organizations who are committed to increasing the diversity of the legal industry
  • Track and increase diverse spend with minority owned law firm partners of the legal department
  • Set expectations with partnering outside counsel that diverse partners and associates meaningfully contribute to work done on organizational matters

Make a move,
join the movement.

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