I, Angela Hilt, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment: 

  • Use my voice to advocate for greater diversity and inclusion.
  • Collaborate and take action to achieve greater diversity and inclusion.
  • Listen and learn to be better at driving greater diversity and inclusion and lean into difficult conversations to learn from others.
  • Mentor and sponsor diverse talent and be mentored by diverse talent on how to be better and do more to drive inclusion and diversity.
  • Actively support LCLD in any way I can to help change the face of the legal profession.

For my team and company, I commit to:

  • Nurture an inclusive culture and create a multiplier effect by enabling I&D champions on our team to guide us in becoming even more inclusive.
  • Encourage our Employee Resource Group leaders and people with different backgrounds than myself to foster inclusion.
  • Leverage our I&D enterprise programs such as Cup of Understanding and Breaking Bias to foster a more inclusive environment on my team.
  • Encourage team to foster diversity and inclusion inside and outside of work as part of everyday life.
  • Proactively support the diversity and inclusion work of my company to create a diverse and inclusive company culture, facilitate diverse and inclusive leadership and build a diverse and inclusive global work force, and to be transparent about our diversity and inclusion efforts.


  • Do at least one thing per week to support, advocate or foster diversity and inclusion.
  • Identify at least three new learnings to leverage as I continue to foster diversity and inclusion.
  • Have strong diverse representation and ensure diverse succession planning on team.
  • With legal service providers, have strong diverse representation on team who does our work, track enterprise diversity metrics and meet to discuss progress and how we can support each other’s efforts.

Make a move,
join the movement.

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