I, Anat Hakim, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment 

  • I will use my voice and platform, as Senior Vice President – General Counsel of Eli Lilly and Company, to advocate for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in the legal profession, in my organization, and in my community.
  • I will champion DEI initiatives in the legal department and meet with the DEI Journeys Committee Chair and LCLD Fellows alumni quarterly to review strategy and progress, set goals, brainstorm, and obtain feedback.
  • I will review legal department-specific progress toward our DEI goals with my senior staff.
  • I will meet annually with the managing partners of our preferred law firms to review the representation of diverse attorneys on their teams and communicate my expectations and goals for diverse attorney representation going forward.
  • I will stay abreast of best practices on promoting DEI internally and among our legal service providers.
  • I will actively support and participate in LCLD and other professional organizations committed to advancing DEI in the legal profession.

Organizational Commitment 

  • We (Lilly’s legal department) will continue to nominate two (2) Fellows to participate in LCLD’s Fellows Program per year.
  • We will contribute five hundred (500) hours of pro bono legal services per year towards racial justice initiatives, between now and 2025.
  • We will implement a system for tracking progress for diverse representation in our preferred law firms within the next year and develop and communicate concrete DEI expectations and goals for such law firms within the next two years.
  • We will continue to implement meaningful programs in the legal department to support diversity at all phases of the talent management process including recruitment, engagement, development, mentorship, sponsorship, promotion, and retention.
  • We will continue to foster an inclusive and collaborative workplace culture where every team member feels welcome, respected, valued, and heard to contribute their talents fully.

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