I, Amy Sanford, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • Use my voice and influence to publicly advocate for material systemic change to address diversity, equity and inclusion impediments in the legal community
  • Personally mentor at least one African American attorney
  • Work with other corporate legal departments and outside counsel to develop diversity commitments which achieve results of giving diverse candidates leadership opportunities within their specialties.

Organizational Commitment

  • Have a D&I conversation with each and every outside legal department on each and every matter to ensure that D&I is an active part of the decision-making process.
  • Advance internal sensitivity to LGBTQ+ matters including ensuring that gender identity is appropriately considered in legal review of documents and policies.
  • Maintain an open and caring legal department where diversity is truly appreciated. 
  • Ensure that each hiring opportunity ensures an appropriate slate of diverse candidates are presented and evaluated.


  • Success will be achieved when the law firm matters we engage in are disproportionately managed by candidates reflecting D&I characteristics and/or a strong commitment to D&I initiatives. 
  • Success is achieved by a strong, inclusive, and caring department where all are appreciated for the true value that diversity of all type brings to each and every issue on the table.

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