I, Amy Fliegelman Olli, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitments

To advance diversity and inclusion within my organization and the legal profession, I personally commit to:

  • Actively fostering a culture of inclusion and belonging in the Legal department and throughout VMware by sponsoring diversity initiatives, personally reviewing the diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) action plans of each of the senior leaders on VMware’s Legal team and developing diverse talent through direct mentorship of diverse Legal interns.
  • Continuing to advance my understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion by participating in diversity-focused programs, engaging in reverse mentoring and sharing best practices.
  • Advocating publicly for greater diversity, equity and inclusion within and outside the legal profession.
  • Advancing representation and inclusion of attorneys from under-represented groups within the legal industry broadly and legal industry leadership more specifically by serving on the board of directors of Minority Corporate Counsel Association (MCCA) and supporting the work of organizations focused on DEI efforts, including the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity (LCLD), Watermark and Platinum Exchange, and promoting the initiatives of these organizations.

Organizational Commitments

As VMware’s General Counsel, I commit that as an organization we will:

  • Inspire and actively sponsor an inclusive environment that values and develops diverse talent by:
    • Ensuring every Legal team member understands our commitment to VMware’s DEI goals and how each of us plays a role in building a community where everyone feels safe, respected and heard.
    • Investing in each Legal team member's opportunity to build their personal DEI learning through external and internal VMware activities, DEI training programs, and as active participants or in leadership positions in VMware’s Power of Difference communities.
    • Making advancement of our DEI efforts an expectation for every leader in the Legal team.
    • Ensuring diverse succession plans for all senior roles in the organization.
    • Building a Think Tank of diverse team members from all career stages to research and surface innovative ideas and inclusive development programs that will more deeply engage the full team in this critical work, advance our understanding of the issues and solutions, and further deliver on our DEI commitments.
  • Provide equal access for all team members to career development opportunities and actively work to eliminate bias by:
    • Holding an annual in-depth review of progress and opportunities—including stretch assignments, recognition and promotion—across the department.
    • Inspecting bonus, talent segmentation, merit and equity decisions for evidence of bias.
    • Assessing the extent to which unconscious bias may have impacted our decisions in each of those areas. Use the lessons from that assessment to course correct.
    • Mandating all people managers complete DEI training, including Inclusion in Action and Unconscious Bias trainings; that all interviewers complete inclusive hiring courses; and that all senior leadership participate in VMware’s Reverse Mentoring program.
  • Continue to increase diversity in VMware’s Legal team by:
    • Partnering with our HR and recruiting partners to continuously evolve and improve our diverse hiring strategies and build DEI practices into all talent processes including recruiting, hiring, development, reviews and compensation.
    • Requiring that all interview committees be diverse and include a woman or member of an under-represented community.
    • Leveraging best practices for inclusive job descriptions and regularly reviewing our evaluation criteria to ensure it is consistent for all candidates.
    • Expanding our recruitment efforts to a broader set of backgrounds, locations and schools and leaning into our distributed work model to make it easier for candidates to envision working at VMware.
    • Proactively reviewing the diversity of the candidate pool and pressure testing for unconscious bias before final hiring decisions are made.
  • Create and expand opportunities for diverse attorneys in the legal community by:
    • Surveying our partner law firms annually on their DEI efforts, including progress on the percentage of diverse lawyers who are staffing our matters and whether they have attribution rights.
    • Requiring outside counsel to propose diverse teams to work on VMware matters, and U.S.-based partner law firms to provide their Equal Opportunity Employment Data, information on their diversity initiatives and diversity information for time billed to VMware matters.
    • Continuing to build on our robust Intern program to recruit, mentor and train interns with diverse backgrounds.
    • Collaborating with partner law firms on DEI programs and initiatives.
    • Supporting PracticePro and sponsoring diverse law school candidates in its programs. Engaging in additional similar initiatives as part of our effort to build a diverse pipeline of talent coming into the law profession.


I commit to hold myself and my team accountable to this pledge by measuring our outcomes and using what we learn to further drive progress. These measurements include:

  • Reporting our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion data to VMware’s DEI Leadership Council and Executive Committee annually.
  • Measuring our team progress against VMware’s company-wide VMInclusion Action Plan and DEI Plan.
  • Reviewing our diversity metrics at a minimum of once per quarter to ensure we meet all commitments and to surface areas for improvement.
  • Evaluating all job postings to ensure we meet and exceed VMware requirements for diverse candidate slates and interviewing panels.


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