I, Alden Millard, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitments

  • Lead by example by maintaining a diverse leadership team of lawyers who are in charge of our offices, practice groups and committees
  • Ensure that our Firm leadership pipeline includes diverse lawyers, particularly from underrepresented backgrounds
  • Organize meetings with our diverse talent at all levels within the Firm to help support them on their career path, and encourage our other Firm leaders to do the same
  • Regularly reinforce to members of our Firm community the centrality of the Firm’s DEI goals in our Firm’s overall strategy
  • Continue to engage with our partners about the value and importance to the Firm of their active and visible support of DEI initiatives
  • Continue to engage with our DEI leadership team to further integrate DEI efforts into Firm processes and to help advance the careers of our diverse attorneys
  • Continue to provide practice group leaders and other Firm leaders with diversity metrics as a significant part of our overall talent management
  • Continue to enhance and expand our collaboration efforts with our major clients to advance our respective diversity efforts and the careers of diverse lawyers within our institutions
  • Share this pledge with Firm leadership to hold myself and our Firm accountable to my commitment

Organizational Commitments

Promote STB Inclusion, our DEI strategy, across offices and departments to ensure our business objectives, processes and policies align with our DEI goals.


  • Provide financial support and resources to recruiting efforts to increase our ability to grow our diversity pipeline, including participation in Sponsors for Educational Opportunity
  • Enrich the experience of the summer associates in our 1L Diversity Program through meaningful participation in the 1L LCLD Scholars Program
  • Support client collaborations with our 1L LCLD Scholars
  • Leverage our Conrad Harper 2L Diversity Fellowship to attract and retain more diverse talent

Retention and Development:

  • Provide increased support to our affinity groups and inclusion networks
  • Expand the content and reach of our successful Diversity Leadership Conference


  • Launch a Pilot Sponsorship Program to significantly increase the number of diverse lawyers in the talent pipeline and better position them for long-term careers at the Firm, including partnership


  • Continue to foster a vibrant and inclusive community at the Firm through DEI programming, training and resources
  • Continue to invest in STB United for Justice – the Firm’s framework for combating racism and promoting racial justice through community engagement, training programs, pro bono work, external collaborations and financial support


  • Expand the number of DEI collaborations with clients, law schools and affinity bar associations

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