I, Tonit Calaway, personally commit to the following:

BorgWarner Commitments

  • I will not waste my seat at the leadership table by speaking softly about the importance of having diversity, equity, and inclusion at BorgWarner.
  • I will use my position to unapologetically demand action on this matter - even if it means having uncomfortable discussions with other leaders.

Community Commitments

  • I will challenge and encourage my team to dedicate their time and resources to services or organizations that assist underrepresented groups advance in the workforce.
  • I will personally donate to charities and organizations dedicated to partnering, supporting and advancing underrepresented groups.

Internal Team Commitments

  • I will relentlessly seek out and recruit diverse talent and have my team do the same for any open positions.
  • I will focus on having diversity in succession planning for internal leadership positions.
  • I will meet one-on-one with diverse members on my team to listen to them and let them know they are supported.

Law Firm and Service Provider Commitments

  • I will direct a significant spend towards minority-owned law firms and find innovative ways to make them a stronger partner within my team.
  • I will learn from, openly share and collaborate with other General Counsels to find ways to aggressively advance diversity within legal community.
  • I will meet with our law firms and service providers and call them out or remove work if they are not providing diverse candidates substantive work or credit.

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