I, Teresa Wynn Roseborough, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • Develop goals and strategies designed to support The Home Depot's diversity, equity, and inclusion commitments and utilize Legal Department committees to identify, honor and execute on our DE&I promises. 
  • Maintain a pulse on the challenges, opportunities, best practices, and successes in our diversity, equity and inclusion efforts through various feedback channels including focus groups, courageous conversations, seminars/webinars, benchmarking, and surveys. 
  • Use my platform, network, and sphere of influence to promote greater diversity, equity, and inclusion in the legal profession and to advance policies and initiatives to support this goal. 

Home Depot Legal Department Commitment

  • Reinforce a Legal Department culture in which all associates (a) feel included, respected, valued, seen, heard, empowered, and celebrated for their authenticity, life experiences, sacrifices and contributions; (b) feel safe sharing diverse views and perspectives; and (c) trust their leaders. 
  • Educate Legal Department associates regarding the benefits and competitive advantage that diversity, equity, and inclusion can deliver for the Legal Department and The Home Depot, by offering training and involvement opportunities and by sponsoring events and conferences that promote DE&I. 
  • Recognize and support associates in their individual efforts to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the legal profession, the Legal Department, and at The Home Depot. 
  • Leverage the recruitment, retention, development, mentoring, and promotion of diverse talent, inside and outside of the Legal Department and The Home Depot, to deliver instinctive value and exceptional legal services to The Home Depot. 
  • Build the legal talent pipeline by (a) ensuring that our established summer intern and extern programs deliver meaningful and real-world legal experiences and skill-building; (b) partnering with our external law firm partners to expose interns/externs to additional areas and types of legal practice; and (c) create networking opportunities with legal professionals and other interns/externs at The Home Depot. 
  • Develop outside counsel guidelines designed to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the legal profession and to ensure the Legal Department is intentional about how it partners with third party legal services providers. 

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