I, Scott MacCormack, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

To create a truly diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization, we must be intentional. With intentionality at the forefront, I personally pledge to:

  • Leverage my position to advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) to be embedded in every facet of our organization
  • Use my voice, actively and courageously, to advocate for DEI, anti-racism, Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ+ rights, and the rights of other underrepresented and marginalized groups, internally and externally
  • Engage with our partners, associates, and staff to continue to emphasize the importance of DEI in all decision-making
  • Meet with clients who share our deep commitment to DEI and explore opportunities to collaborate around that shared commitment
  • Focus on ensuring that DEI is embedded into our policies and practices, including hiring, development, compensation, and promotion
  • Shepherd our sponsorship program for underrepresented minority attorneys, with the specific goal of paving a path to partnership for attorneys of color
  • Participate actively on our DEI leadership committee and in other areas of the DEI structure
  • Maintain open dialog with partners, associates, and staff to continue to improve DEI at our organization, and to make changes as needed to further DEI
  • Recognize (and help others recognize) the systems of oppression built into our institutions and work intentionally to dismantle them
  • Meet regularly with our active participant LCLD Fellows and Pathfinders and alumni to support their participation in the program and their success at the firm.
  • Hold myself, and the firm, accountable for meaningful progress and the advancement of women, people of color, LGBTQ+ individuals, individuals with disabilities, and veterans into partnership and leadership roles at the firm

Organizational Commitment

At Davis Wright Tremaine, we seek to foster a culture where all talented individuals—including those traditionally underrepresented in the legal profession—can have, and can see, a path to success. Our vision is built on four pillars: Community, Growth, Education, and Engagement. For 2021-22, we have set forth six strategic priorities to advance the vision. As a firm, we commit to:

  • Strengthen our firmwide efforts by redefining and clarifying our DEI structure, strengthening and aligning communications, and collaborating with pro bono and social impact to advance our shared values
  • Foster an inclusive community by recognizing and rewarding DEI efforts, supporting and refining our affinity groups, and committing to belonging
  • Prioritize growth by analyzing the data, building and recruiting a diverse pipeline, supporting the path to success, and facilitating sponsorship
  • Generate opportunities for education by offering presentations on broader societal topics, equipping our affinity groups with tools, influencing trajectory at key pivot points in recruiting, advancement, and development, and offering a DEI lens to everything we do at the firm
  • Engage with external stakeholders including deepening our relationships with clients around our shared commitment to DEI and expanding our partnerships with affinity bar organizations, diversity organizations, and diverse suppliers
  • Require accountability in our efforts through transparency in data tracking and trends and encouraging greater involvement in our DEI efforts

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