I, Scott Catlett, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

In order to advance diversity and inclusion within my organization and the legal profession more broadly, I commit to:

  • Use my voice as a leader in my organization and in the profession to advocate for DE&I in the legal profession and in my community;
  • Reinforce a culture in the legal department where all employees feel included, valued, heard, and empowered as individuals;
  • Continue to grow my personal DE&I understanding, including the impact of systemic racism, and be an effective ally, through participating in diversity-focused events and reverse mentoring;
  • Publicly demonstrate my commitment, and engage in forums to drive diversity in the legal profession;
  • Identify and support outside counsel firms with diverse partners and associates; and
  • Know and actively monitor the representation figures within Yum!'s legal department and sponsor the development of a broad slate of diverse lawyers and legal professionals.

Organizational Commitment

As Yum!'s General Counsel, I will:

  • Expect every attorney in the Yum! legal department have at least one goal explicitly focused on DE&I, in which each attorney personally commits to be an active participant in creating a diverse and inclusive organization;
  • Require diverse slates for all hiring into the law department and regularly reinforce the benefits and importance of diverse talent;
  • Partner with our top law firms to prioritize diversity and require outside counsel to provide demographic and diversity program data and prioritize diversity when selecting outside counsel;
  • Maintain and promote a summer internship program for diverse 1Ls/2Ls; and
  • Be a vocal supporter of Yum!'s $100 million Unlocking Opportunity commitment and be a leading and outspoken voice within my company on the importance of diversity.


I will hold myself and my organization accountable by:

  • Setting a clear expectation that 100% of externally posted roles have diverse slates, and requiring General Counsel approval for any exceptions;
  • Tracking percentage of underrepresented minorities within the Legal Department by level and tracking career advancement of diverse attorneys; and
  • Prioritizing an increase of our portion of legal fees spent with law firms comprised of at least 30% underrepresented minority and at least 50% female attorneys.

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