I, Sangeeta Shah, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • I personally commit to use my voice as a leader to enthusiastically promote a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion not only within our firm, but throughout the entire legal industry and in my greater community. 
  • I will ensure that everyone at all levels of the firm is given the opportunity for success. 
  • I commit to supporting the leaders within the firm so they are given the tools they need to carry out the DEI initiatives at Brooks Kushman.
  • I will continue to strongly advocate for each and every under-represented attorney and professional.
  • I will continue to leverage national networks and affinity groups such as LCLD to engage with other leaders, further strengthening my relationships with other leaders while gathering more tools that our firm can use to further our DEI goals.
  • I will work closely with the Chief Diversity Officer to help promote the firm’s DEI initiatives for the firm and the communities we serve.  
  • I will continue to collect on-going feedback from attorneys and staff to help determine the direction of our DEI initiatives.
  • I will look for opportunities to build two-way mentorship bridges for diverse attorneys within our firm and client organizations.
  • Through the podcast I host, Breaking Mindsets, I will have meaningful conversations with leaders in the law to help inspire and provide a roadmap for diverse professionals and those coming from non-traditional backgrounds to reach for new heights.

Organizational Commitment

  • We will continue to incentivize diverse and inclusive teams by offering client credit bonuses for diverse and inclusive teams comprised of at least 30% diversity.
  • We will continue to pledge allyship through having the majority of the partners in the practice group sign and agree to the “Ally Action Pledge,” to advocate for and champion at least one diverse associate or junior partner through: (a)Actively managing their workload to ensure they receive career-enhancing and skills-building work that will help them advance;  (b) Introducing them to at least 3 partners who will help expand their client relationships and/or work opportunities; (c) Introducing them to at least 3 client contacts who will support their efforts to gain career-enhancing work and/or business generation and credit.
  • We commit to 30% diversity in new pitches, new hires, leadership and strategic matters.
  • We will focus on changing distribution of DEI efforts using a 3 prong approach: (a) to provide 50 hours of “billable credit” to lawyers for meaningful contributions to diversity and inclusion at the firm(b) track and measure whether those hours are being used equally by various demographic populations; and (c) make changes to remedy unequal distribution across various demographic populations.
  • We will conduct a “pay” and “origination credit” equity gap analysis for all partners that measures compensation and business development/expansion credit gaps amongst various demographic populations after controlling for title, seniority, and performance metrics and develop a plan to fix any inequities that are revealed by the analysis. 
  • We will be critical of our recruiting process to ensure that we are always finding new ways to increase our pipeline of diverse individuals. 
  • We will engage in quarterly DEI training for all staff and attorneys at Brooks Kushman to increase their awareness of the issues facing our industry and community. 
  • We will participate in the Midsize Mansfield Inaugural Certification process.
  • We will include DEI initiatives at the heart of the firm’s core principles.

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