I, Rich Sauer, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • To increase my awareness and continuously educate myself on matters related to belonging, diversity and inclusion for all.
  • To stay actively involved in Workday’s Valuing Inclusion, Belonging and Equity (VIBE) initiatives.
  • To model inclusive behaviors, act when confronted with injustice, and to foster a safe and brave space for all.
  • To meet on a quarterly basis with the active participants and Alumni in the LCLD Fellows program to benefit from their insights and use them as a sounding board for new ideas and possible belonging and diversity-related initiatives.
  • To doing all that I can to translate Workday’s VIBE and my own personal commitments to diversity, inclusion, belonging and equity into concrete and actionable initiatives for Workday’s Legal, Compliance & Corporate Affairs team.

Organizational Commitment

  • Continue advancing the four key pillars of our Legal, Compliance & Corporate Affairs VIBE plan: (1) Hiring and developing diverse talent, (2) Cultivating a culture of belonging, (3) Strengthening our communities, and (4) Building inclusive products and technology.
  • Require diverse slates before interviews can commence for any open position in the US, unless an exception is approved by the Chief Legal Officer.
  • Mandatory 3-part, 6-hour inclusive mindset training to be completed by all people managers by July 31, 2021.
  • Implement commitment to use inclusive terminology within Workday and within Legal, Compliance & Corporate Affairs, including updates to our standard agreements, forms and templates, i.e., changing “Master Subscription Agreement” to “Main Subscription Agreement,” eradicating the use of “Grandfather Clause” from our vocabulary, etc.
  • Launch monthly Legal, Compliance & Corporate Affairs VIBE events calendar/newsletter to highlight and increase awareness of Department, Workday, and other belonging and diversity-related opportunities.
  • Launch VIBE learning program that sponsors at least three learning opportunities per quarter focused on sharing personal stories and belonging and diversity perspectives.
  • Move our nascent Law Firm Diversity Program to the next level.


  • Meaningfully increase the overall representation of Black and Latinx employees in Legal, Compliance & Corporate Affairs.
  • More than double the number of Black and Latinx leaders (Director and above) in Legal, Compliance & Corporate Affairs by 2023.
  • 100% diverse slates unless an exception is approved.   
  • 250 hours of training to help ensure all Legal, Compliance & Corporate Affairs people leaders can attract, recruit, hire, develop, and advance employees of all backgrounds completed by January 31, 2022.
  • Deliver at least monthly a Legal, Compliance & Corporate Affairs sponsored VIBE-related event or learning opportunity for the department.

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join the movement.

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