I, Paul Krause, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • I will hold monthly meetings of the Legal Department to discuss articles, podcasts, or other publications on relevant diversity, equity, and inclusion topics in the spirit of the ABA 21-Day Challenge
  • I will work with each member of the Company’s Legal Leadership Team in developing a diversity commitment and work with them to regularly review and revise our commitments to ensure progress and accountability.
  • I will work with my leadership team to continually seek out diverse law firms and attorneys to support our legal work.

Organizational Commitment

  • I will support the Harley-Davidson Legal Department’s active participation in the LCLD, including through sponsoring an LCLD Fellow from the Legal Department each year. 
  • I will commit to interviewing a diverse slate of candidates for open positions within the Department.
  • I will commit to tracking diversity efforts of H-D’s relationship counsel through various metrics and holding counsel accountable to meeting those metrics through meaningful incentives that encourage sustained diversity. 
  • I will use my position as an executive to support Company initiatives that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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